How to Make Money on Info Barrel is the question I see a lot of people asking. The original instructions show you how to login, create articles and get paid! I love to write. I was intrigued by the possibility of getting paid. I love the idea of my articles hanging out in cyberspace forever. Residual income here we come!

It's good to start with the login procedure. Pick a fun name for yourself, everyone will see it. If you end up with a cult following, which is exactly what you want, its good to have a catchy name. So what if "John Smith" is your real name. "Superman Smith" sound more fun. "Supersmart Smith" sounds more authoritative. You get the idea.

Pick an "avatar". Once again, have some fun with it. No one knows if you're some cranky old writer tucked away in a tiny mountain community, pick and avatar of what you want to be: tall, blue, thin, what ever! Its a reflection of you, and what people will think of when they read your stuff.

Write a bio. Sound friendly, chummy, adventurous. Anything but dull. You want to establish brand name marketing on yourself, and not be some anonymous hack.

After the login process, it's time to start creating a few articles. Here's one of the major keys to making money on Info Barrel. To some extent its a numbers game. Simply put the more you produce the more chances you'll have to earn money. So write as much as you can. Don't quit after 10 articles. Give it an honest go. Two articles daily for a month, or at least 60 to see what happens.
The more you write the better you get at spotting things, like a catchy title or a hook or lure. After all, if you don't get them to your page, you can't get them to read your fine writing. Instead of naming a piece "Japan" which is fine, if that's what its about, but not catchy, how about "Japan, Land of Mystery" or "Japan, Full of Wonders" you get the idea.
Be tenacious. Be consistent. Establish a habit of writing, then be a little detached to the out come. Write because you like to write and not because you "have to."

Lastly, GET PAID. This was the trickiest part for me. You have to go to google and request a google adsense account. After you request it, they will send you a confirmation email. Inbetween receiving the confirmation email, and signing up with Info Barrel, Info Barrel suggests you write a few articles. This is because it establishes you as a person with a "website." (You of course don't own all of info barrel, but you do write your own stuff.)

Go to the email from google adsense, and click on their link to set your account. This was the only part that felt tricky and non-intuitive to me because I have no coding background. You keep hitting "continue" until google adsense gets you to a page requesting "channels." I was like whaaaaaat? You can toggle back to your Info Barrel page and use the address that has your user name. Cut the address right out of the address bar and paste it into the box that says "channel" with google adsense and hit continue. If you do it right the final page has a box full of code. If you look closely, amongst the code is your publishing id number which looks like "pub- an bunch of numbers here" ie "pub-18888298" etc. Cut and paste THAT number into your account information with Info Barrel and you should be good to go.