If you want to earn some extra income on your spare time, look no further. Even if you are fully employed, there are many quick or on-going gigs you can look into on your days off or in-between your regular job schedule.

Things You Will Need

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Step 1

Look for gigs on classifieds websites. Within these sources you will find many available options to make a quick buck. For example, there are many people asking for help and assistance with any particular task. These may be as easy as gardening or lifting some heavy equipment to more complex chores like building a website. Use your knowledge and make some good money for gas or to pay those monthly bills.

Step 2

While you're at it, advertise yourself. From these classifieds, post an ad detailing anything you might know how to do. You would be surprised at the amount of emails you may receive from people looking to have their computers fixed or any other random assistance they can get from your talents.

Step 3

Sell those unwanted items. Instead of throwing them away or giving them for free, make a post in the aforementioned sources offering your item for cheap. Got an old chair? Sell it for 75% off of your original cost and make a small amount of money that's sure to add up over time.

Step 4

Sell pictures or articles on the internet. There are countless websites which allow you to sell your media such as music, photos and more. Further more, you can write articles for those in need, including bloggers and professionals. Of course, simply make you own the rights to anything you sell.

Step 5

Develop a fan base and don't just be a one-time handy man. If you do a good job at whatever it is you enjoy, make sure you leave your customers a phone number or email address for them to call whenever some help is needed. You never know when a computer might go bad again, or when someone needs occasional help moving items around, among many more choices.

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Tips & Warnings

Tip: Check on the above listings everyday, as you never know when the right opportunity might strike.