Once you created a Squidoo lens, shouldn't you to make some extra money for free? These steps will get you started on how to set that Squidoo lenses to start bringing in some cash.

Go to Squidoo and create your lens.

Write your intro. On top of the lens, it will be a head with the title of your lens. In addition to an Edit button on. Click the button and write a short introduction into the lens. Explain that you are using the topic of your lens and be sure your keyword phrase for the title of the lens to close. This will help you rank better in search engines for this phrase.

Save your work and read your presentation. Does it draw the readers attention and make them to stay? Does this explain the selected topic of interest in a way? You can lose your visitors if your writing is boring, so you have to make a personality and make any necessary changes to your presentation. Save any changes you make.

Adding modules in Squidoo you can set blocks of content, interactive polls and add functionality to your lens with a click of a button. On top of the lens is a button entitled "Add Module". Click it and you'll be taken on the list of modules.

Each module has a short description of what they do. Read these and decide which would be appropriate for your Squidoo lens. The key behind Squidoo Marketing is a balance between useful and informative content filled with money-making modules. It is recommended that several modules of the text with interesting and useful information and recommended products have filled some of the other modules.

Add content. You are now back in the processing of your Squidoo lenses. Enter your text blocks with relevant and useful information to your visitors. Tell them interesting facts about you or products you want to promote. Leave not a hard sell. Visitors like true information and honest recommendation, so don't go only over the products.

Now change to your money making modules. For instance, if the lens is a German shepherd dog, select the Amazon.com products which about breed dog. Select two or three products per module.

Add the module to make a title and description for your money. It is better to choose your goods to the first and second, choose title and description. This will ensure that the title and the description fits that the promotion of your certain products.

Save your selections and repeat this process with another money making Squidoo lenses. You can also see this post about How to make money with Infobarrel.