Making a living on the Internet is possible, but you should not ever have to pay anyone work or make money unless you are investing in something. All those web sites that ask for an up front fee are SCAMS. What they will do is give you a list of the web site that I am list here for free. All the sites listed below are free to join, you just have to put in time and effort to make a substantial amount of money. Nothing comes without hard work in this world.

Things You Will Need

Paypal Account

Google AdSense Account

Step 1

Work From Home (32009)

Begin by writing as many informative articles and/or pieces of information and saving them to your computers word processing program, e.g., Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Open Office. These articles should be about 500 words in length and contain no spelling or grammatical errors.

Step 2

Make Money on the Internet

You will need a PayPal account to accept payments from the Website where you will be listing your content. A Google AdSense account is optional and will boost your revenue share. If you don't have an account already, PayPal is a free service that allows you to send and receive secure payments via the Internet. You do not need a credit card or bank account to sign up for PayPal and receive payments. When contributing to a web site, read the terms of use or FAQ to see if a specific site offers the option of being paid by check.

Step 3

Money from home

InfoBarrel has become very popular ever since the termination of eHows Writer Compensation Program (WCP). Their revenue share program is very similar to eHow and has a very good earning potential.

ListMyFive is a website that pays you revenue share to list the "Top Five" on any topic.

Helium is an article revenue share site. At first you start off slow but once you build your writers rep you make money off your articles daily.

Triond is a revenue share site that also allows you to add Google AdSense to your articles.

DigitalJournal pays you to write articles, they provide the views so there is no need to backlink your articles.

eHow was once the greatest revenue share site out there, now taken over by Demand Studios

Epinions pays people to write reviews on just about anything. The money is in consumer reviews.

JustAnswer pays people to answer questions asked by other members.

Writing Assistance pays web content writers and copywriters.

Alpine Access hires people to work from home as customer service representatives.

These are just a few web sites that offer revenue share that have produce good results and received good reviews. Be sure to submit well written content free from illegal content

Tips & Warnings

Beware of FunAdvice! They are relatively new and have been known to wait until a contributors earnings are high and close your account. They have received many bad reviews including a few on ScamAlert. All their terms of use state is: "Use this site at your own risk". Their site is limited and they do not have many active users, probably due to payment issues.