Do you often think out loud to the annoyance of people around you?  Do people often ask “what did you say or were you speaking to me,” only to find out that you were talking to yourself out loud?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, there is finally a way to put your talent to good use and get paid for it!  I know you are probably thinking (out loud) this is a joke or a scam.  However it is not.  You really can make money to think out loud. Read on to find out more. is a company that does Usability Testing on websites.  They pay about $10.00 to User Testers, who have the ability to think out loud while reviewing websites.  This does not provide details about usability testing. However, if you would like to learn more about usability testing and how it  works, please see the review article.   

 The following steps will show you how to apply to become a Usability Tester, and make money to think out loud.  Just for fun (and practice) read each step out loud as you go through them.  C’mon, do it! You need to practice anyway.   

Go to UserTesting and then use your mouse (or rat) to scroll all the way to the bottom.  Did you remember to read this out loud? Good, then continue.

Look to the bottom right, (not my right, your right.) and then click on the link “Get paid to be a user tester.”  It’s not that big, so some of you might need a magnifying glass if you cannot find it. Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point; look carefully or you’ll miss it.  Did you click on the link?  Great!  So what are you waiting for?  Now go on to the next step.

You should now be on the page that says “Be a User Tester and Earn $10 per Website.”  Are you there?  Awesome! Do you also see the button that says “Apply to be a Tester?” Good. Do not click on it. Go to the next step.

Were you really going to apply before reading?  Shame on you. Please read the details of how it works and view the requirements.  Done?  Great job! If you still have questions you might want to click on the “Frequently Asked Questions by Testers” link to the right of the apply button.  However, if you don’t have any questions, then just go on to the next step.

Click on “Apply to be a Tester” and go to next step. Wait, are you still reading out loud or did you slack off?  This is very important as you will learn later, so keep reading out loud. Okay, carry on.

Now you should be on the page that says “Apply to be a Tester: Step 1 of 2.”  You will now need to enter details such as your name, username that you want to use along with your demographics, and computer/Internet experience.  Everything is pretty straightforward and you can take it from here. When you finish go to the next step.

After you fill out the information, you will have to take a test to see if you would be a good fit as a User Tester.  If you know how to follow instructions, use a keyboard and mouse you will be fine.  Wait, I left out the most important part, you also have to think out loud while you are taking the test.  Continue to practice so that you can make money on the Internet to think out loud!

 Tips and Warnings

If you did not read out loud while you were going through the steps, try doing it later. 

*  You do not need to have any prior usability testing experience to be a User Tester.

*   Step 5 is funnier if you say "carry on" like Tim Gunn on 'Project Runway'. If you don't know who Tim Gunn is Google him.

*  There is no guarantee that you will be selected as a User Tester

*  This is not a full time or part time job and you are not an employee of