Google Adwords is an advertising program used by webmasters and affiliate marketers to either promote their own work or someone else's. In order to make money on Google Adwords, you will either have to create your own marketable content or sign up with an Affiliate network.

Things You Will Need

Adwords Account, Affiliate Account or Product

Step 1

If you have an online business that you wish to promote then this step is already completed. If you don't, then sign up with an affiliate network. There are a ton of affiliate networks, so make sure you choose a reputable one. Which one you join will depend on what kind of products you wish to sell.

Step 2

Set up an account with Google Adwords. This is a fairly simple process. You will need to provide them with a credit card so that they can withdraw funds when someone clicks on the ads you create. Don't worry, you can set your daily budget and price for keywords so you don't break the bank.

Step 3

Choose an affiliate product to market. This should be something that you can be passionate about. If you pick a product that you don't care about or find interesting just because of a big payout, you will more than likely lose money on it.

Step 4

Create an advertisement for your product. This is a whole other "How to" in and of itself. There are a lot of steps involved in creating a good advertisement.

Step 5

After you create your ad, you will need to decide which keywords to target your ad towards and how much to pay for them. It is a good idea to set up multiple ads with multiple different keyword specifications. The keywords will show up as bold when Google searchers view your ad and they will be more likely to click on them.

Step 6

Monitor and tweak your ads constantly for the first few months. It may take a while to see a good profit and you will most likely lose money at first. You will have to tinker until your conversion rate outweighs the amount you are paying per click.

Step 7

Make sure that you have the content network turned on because your ad will appear on relevant sites and your conversion rate should increase.


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