Making money using the internet is many peoples dream. No getting up early, traffic to deal with, office politic, or stress. How nice would it be to avoid all these things while working at home and making money on the internet? It would be great I am sure your saying and it is, I will show you how to make money through the internet with no experience or knowledge and very little money required.

Things You Will Need

The way I first got started with no experience, knowledge, and little money was through the use of affiliate websites which were already designed and set up. All I had to do was buy the site and sign up for a few affiliate programs and advertise the sites. When buying a predesigned affiliate website a good place to go is ebay, type in websites for sale and a long list will come up. Look for sites that are selling amazon, ebay and have google ads, these are the sites you should buy as they are easy to set up. Once you have bought a affiliate site you want to ask the seller to update the site with your affiliate ids so that when someone buys a product from your site you will get the commission which is how you earn money.
After the affiliate ids are updated you should start advertising the site through the internet. There are various option to advertise online most are free but some do cost. A good thing to do is to get in a few internet directories and pay per click sites, also craigslist is another good place to advertise for free.

Making income on the internet does not have to be hard nor time consuming, as you can see it could be quite easy. The hardest part is always attracting visitors to your sites, if you can master the advertising and attract visitors you should have no problem generating a nice income from the internet.

Tips & Warnings