Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring in part and full time cash with your blog, website, newsletter etc. With affiliate marketing you sell goods and services for businesses. You are paid by the business for consumers that take action as a result of your marketing efforts. You may be paid based on leads, purchases, subscriptions etc. or by another agreed upon method. Here are step by step directions on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Things You Will Need

Internet Access

Step 1

Begin by understanding what internet affiliate marketing is. With affiliate marketing an advertiser pays you to help sell their product. Payouts differ according to the advertiser. Some pay by clicks on the product link. Others pay by leads or if someone completes a form. Other advertisers pay for completed sales.

Step 2

There are number of affiliate programs on the market. Check out Commission Junction, Amazon, LinkShare, ShareaSale, and Clickbank. These companies carry hundreds of different products from shoes to pet supplies. You can also find affiliate programs by typing in the kind of program you are looking for and adding the word affiliates. For example, if your blog is about computers, you could type in "computer affiliates" to find computer affiliate programs.

Step 3

Think carefully about the types of products you want to sell. Select products that will fit in with your website, newsletter etc. If you have a camera site, it is a natural fit to sell cameras and equipment that would interest your visitiors. Weight loss products would not be a good fit. Spend some time checking out each product. You will want to represent high quality products that give good consumer satisfaction.

Step 4

Apply to the affiliate companies that offer the types of products you want to sell. Once accepted post links to the products that fit with your website in a non-spammy way. Start with just a few products and add more as you become experienced with affiliate marketing.

Drive traffic to your site with article marketing, social bookmarking and other techniques. The more traffic the greater the opportunity to make money with affiliate marketing.

Tips & Warnings

Keep in mind that many affiliate companies will accept you but you may also have to apply to the companies they represent on an individual basis.