How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Programs


If you are truly serious about making money on the internet, then I strongly recommend you to give Amazon a try. As a big and reputable company, there are over one million affiliates are dependent on Amazon for their earnings. Amazon affiliate program (also known as Amazon Associates) is the oldest, the largest, the most notorious, as well as the most successful affiliate program on the Internet.

As you may already know, the idea of affiliate program is quite simple. As soon as you join their affiliate program, Amazon will provide you links or advertisements that link to books and other products on the Amazon web store. Lets say you have a blog about Harry Potter, you can put a link to Harry Potter books and DVDs, that when a visitor clicks on, goes directly to the Amazon page that sells that products. The link is coded, so when a reader clicked on your link, buys a product there, Amazon pays you a commission on the sale.

The good news is that it is very possible to earn more than $50,000 profit with Amazon Associates affiliate program. First, Amazon is a well-respected bookstore that people trust. They have been around for years and almost everybody has an account there. Secondly, it is much easier to sell real physical products instead of informational or intangible products on the Internet. Why? Because people can touch and feel it as soon as it arrives at their home. No matter how hard you dress it up, it is more difficult selling informational products like ebooks or memberships rather than selling physical products.

Tools and Necessary Things

Before jumping into the techniques and tactics that i use to make money through Amazon Associates, there are a couple of things that I will be referring to and why I use them here.

First of all, you will need to setup a domain name and web hosting. If you really want to make good money online, then you need to have your own dotcom domain name and your own web hosting account. After much research I strongly recommend you to buy from HostMonster as they provide the most reliable and affordable shared web hosting option. I had known them for quite some times and have a few websites hosted with them. They let you host unlimited domains with unlimited space and bandwidth as well as a free domain as a bonus.

Secondly, you will need a content management software to manage your presence in the world wide web. I encourage you to you Wordpress instead. Wordpress is a free blogging software which is very flexible and has numerous plugins and templates in order to make your website more professional. The good news is if you buy hosting and domain from Hostmonster using the link above, you will not have to download and install this software by yourself.

Third, you will need to sign up as an Amazon Associate. It is simple and free. However, you should have a running website and your site should already have at least the basic setup done, as they will review the site manually before approval. So, before going further, I would like to suggest you to set up a blog and then apply for your account.

How to Really Make Money with Amazon

I have already covered the tools that I use, now it is time to put together the pieces and show you the nitty gritty of making money with Amazon.

Based on my experience, it is fairly easy to make money with Amazon. However, due to the fierce competition, it will be much better if you start by designing smaller niche blog/website instead of developing authority sites or larger websites. Smaller niche sites are easier to build out and quickly start earning money as soon as it is being launched and introduced.

Thus, your main duties will be finding a profitable niche to be exploited further. Your goal is building niche blog/website that with an end goal to rank in Google for your primary target keywords. Sound simple? Yes, but it can be painfully frustrating.

You can start by using Google Keyword Tool to dig out a number of keywords that come up on your mind. You can analyze how many people search for that keywords and how much the competition there. Start from the general product-oriented idea.

For example, your result come up with keyword “laptop screen protector,” then you can search whether the domain is available or not (this is just an illustration). Most likely the domain is no longer available, but you can go with the next most frequently searched phrase like “laptop screen guard” or “notebook screen protector.”

If you really want to make the most out of your niche blogs/sites, then please spend some time to focus on finding this profitable niche. This is the little things that can make big differences.

Building Your Money-Making Amazon Niche Sites/Blogs

As soon as you find your targeted keyword phrase and buy domain names according to that phrase, then it is time to build your own niche blogs/sites. Some of the technical things of this process may frighten you but please do not let that to happen. If you need help, please do not hesitate to leave comment here, ask your friends or relatives who expert on this, or you can always outsource the technical aspects.

After registering your domain and web hosting through HostMonster, you can log in to your control panel. You will be presented with a screen of numerous options. Scroll down your mouse and find “Fantastico DeLuxe.” From that screen, click the Wordpress link and you will be presented with an option to install Wordpress. Be sure to write down your admin username and password, and write it down to log into your blog later.

You can always buy and add more domain name under your main account. Simply repeat the steps above and install Wordpress on your other domain name.

Now, it is time to write content for your blog. To come up with article ideas, you can simply pick the keywords that surround the primary keyword you are targeting. For example, “laptop screen protector” can be expanded into a couple of article ideas such as: “how to install laptop screen protector,” or “cheap laptop screen protector,” or “refurbished laptop screen protector,” and many more.

How you monetize your website is one of the most crucial things of generating a solid income from your websites. It is important to stick on general product information idea and review articles, and then link directly to the particular product that being sold on Amazon. You can log in to your Amazon Affiliate panel and get a product link which you will put on your own website. Most of my income is made off of internal linking to products from within the content and this is quite universal across every single one of my niche websites.

Do not forget to put product image on your website and make it clickable. You can also put “buy now” image button as it really encourage people to get that product. During holiday seasons, people tend to be turned off by excessive promotion because they know the best deals are available during these periods. So, be sure to constantly push products so that your visitors will see the best deals from you first and then you can get them in the door and a tracking cookie on their machine while they are shopping.

No matter how you do it, just try and try to get your visitors onto and let them do what they do best. Covert them into buyers. Amazon have spent millions of dollars optimizing their system in attempt to get people to go through with a transaction. I never made website on computers but got a very nice commission on this just by sending someone to Amazon.

My Website is Complete. Now What?

Finding a profitable niche, buying a domain name, setting up the blog/site, and creating the content is only part of the process you need to do in order to rank in Google.

The next thing to do is building and optimizing links to your niche sites. You can start by using social bookmarking websites like Digg,, or StumbleUpon. Register for an account there and link back to your niche blog/site in the profile using your target keyword phrase as the anchor text for the link.

Then, you can start exchanging links with other websites in a similar niche. This involves you seeking out websites out there and asking the owner for a 3-way link exchange indeed. For example, site X links to site Y, but site Y does not link to site X. Site Y links to site Z, and then site Z links back to site X.

Another way is by leaving comments on numerous blogs that allow do-follow links from comments. If you find these blogs (please Google “do follow blogs for starting lists) then start commenting (not spamming) there.

If you want to spend a small amount of money, you can also try to outsource link building. I personally do not like this task and prefer to outsource it, so I can keep my focus on the stuff that I am really good at: writing. You can start finding outsourcing workers from sites like Odesk, eLance, and Fiverr.

Indeed, link building can be a time-consuming work. However, the way search engines continue to work is by keeping track of the links pointed at a particular blog/website. The rule of thumb is that the more links you can get, the more likely you are to rank for your primary and secondary keyword phrases.