One of the best affiliate programs you can use for your website or blog is Commission Junction. This provider has a lot going for it.  Here is a Commission junction review and how you can make the site work for your individual affiliate needs.

Plenty of Affiliates to Choose From

The affiliates featured on Commission Junction are all free affiliate programs and you can join or leave programs as you see fit. There’s no real commitment by you to do anything except put up links to the affiliates and make money, it’s all up to you how you use the programs. The best idea is to go through the list and find a few that match up with your site content and then apply for the programs. In most cases the approval process just takes a few days. If the approval doesn’t seem to go through you might have to wait a bit longer or just choose another program to be an affiliate with.

Try to go with brand name companies as this makes it easier to get sales. Work with those companies that are well established and ones that web shoppers will recognize. Avoid the smaller companies as the sales with those affiliates probably won’t be as good although there are of course exceptions. Many of the companies featured are on the Fortune 500 so they are established enough to be worth working with.


The benefits of thеse free affiliate programs is that they are easy to setup and Commission Junction has a lot of great reporting features for you to use. It’s easy to track and see just where you’re having success and where you need to improve. You can try different links and banners and find ones that work the best for you.  Once you have your links established you can pretty much forget about them as there’s no real maintenance involved. You may have to change poor performing links and remove expired products but that’s about it.

Why it's the Best

Commission Junction is one of the best affiliate programs because it’s an established provider and the amount of affiliates you can join is staggering. This saves you time from filling out forms from individual providers because all you do is select a program to join and the site does the rest. You just have to sit and wait for the approval process. The site has a good reputation and its wells secured for your protection. You always get paid once you meet the minimum and they have decent customer service too. You will usually see better service once you start to make sales with the site.

Downside to Commission Junction

This Commission junction review also looked at the downsides to this affiliate site and there are a few worth noting. You do need to apply to individual programs and this can take some time. You have to wait until you can begin to create your links. if you don`t make sales within six months your account is deactivated and it`s a bit difficult to get it going again. If you don`t suspect you`ll be getting many sales then this provider isn`t for you. The tracking and reporting is decent but its outdated there could be a better system in place. The site sends checks once you make enough in commissions but it would be nice to see a payment processor such as PayPal as an option.

Great Alliliate Program

Commission Junction is still one of the best affiliate programs you can use because it hosts a wide assortment of companies that you can apply to. The site has a good reputation and you cаn make money by using Commission Junction as your affiliate provider.