So many new Ehow writers become disillusioned when they write Ehow articles that do not earn money. Just because the article you wrote does not earn money on your Ehow account, does not mean it can not earn you money at all. With a little work, you can turn every article into an article that will make money for you.

Things You Will Need

Other Articles
Referral Links

Step 1

Ehow will allow you to add resources at the bottom of your article. Make sure to add another related article you have written to this resource section at the bottom of the article. This way you have another chance with a reader to earn money. I have found this works especially well when you link to an article that is on a site like Bukisa or Associated Content. These sites pay money for every view you get, not for every click. So, if that non-earning Ehow article sends just one person to a Bukisa article, then it has earned you money. This also provides back links to your other articles, which will help them in Google searches.

Step 2

Always add referral links to the resource section if it pertains to the article. For instance, if you write an article about how to earn money online, add your referral link to a site that you earn money online from. If you apply these referral links correctly, it will not be considered spam and will give you an opportunity to make money with that revenue stream. If just one person is referred under you through that link, then your article has yet again earned you some money.

Step 3

Of course, if you don't want to go through the trouble of adding links to your articles, remove the article from Ehow and post it on a site like Bukisa or Firehow. You are basically guaranteed to earn money on that article because you get paid for every view. The best part about this method is that you not only will you earn money off of what was once a non-earning article, but you will not have to rewrite the article to do so!
As you can see, it is always possible to earn money off of any article you write for Ehow or any other site. If you are smart about how you place and promote your articles, you will never waste your time writing another non-earning article. Make these changes and get started earning money on everything you write.

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