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There's no upfront money to get paid with AdSense.

So how does this work with your articles?

I'll show you how.

Step 1: Apply to become a writer at an AdSense-based article directory. This is absolutely free! You have no reason not to sign up as a writer. Never sign up if you have to pay to become a writer.

Step 2: Start to getting paid writing articles. Write about whatever fancies your interest. If you're a devoted fan of the Farmville game on Facebook, tell readers how to earn points and build up the farm. Highly-searched subjects like this are high earners, so earning probability) is {through the roof!

Step 3: Submit articles to a Google AdSense-based article directory such as Hubpages or Info Barrel. These sites pay their writers at least 50 percent of all earnings. Certain publishers even pay their writers 90 percent of earnings!

Step 4: Create a Google AdSense account. This is completely free as well. In the event that you have a website of your own to give Google, you can often submit your author profile once you have at least five approved articles.

Step 5: Email your articles with your buds on MySpace and any other social profile you might have. The more views your submissions have, the more potential your writings have at making a lot of earnings with Google AdSense.

To make this idea succeed, you'll need one more ingredient. You have to write quality articles. The better your articles are, the more friends will forward the article and the more potential money your articles will have.