Why Online Auctions Via Facebook Are Better

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If you have old items lying around the house, you can sell them using Facebook auctions in your local area. Go on Facebook and see if anyone in your local area is running an auction and if they aren't start a group yourself. You can set the terms and the rules of the auction that people need to follow. People will need to be confirmed before they join the group. Setup is simplee and strightforward. Have a limit to the amount of auctions anyone lists to give everyone a chance to list. Final transactions are done at the door with the person giving you the money for the goods, so there's no online paying or PayPal involved. Facebook auctions work on the honor system. if you don't pay, you get booted from the group and can't join again.

Less Hassle and More Money

Local Facebook auctions can bring you more money becasue there's no hassle involved. Trying to ship something to another person is painful process. Today, it's extremely expensive to ship items. Why pay a high fee just to get a book? If you use local auctions you can sell old books and get the maximum you want for the item. For sellers it's a great opportunity to make more money. By selling in your local area you won't have any fees to deal with at all. Using Facebook for local auctions makes the entire auction process simple.

What to Sell Using Facebook Auctions?

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 There are many things you can sell using local auctions on Facebook. You could sell old hockey cards like I do or just about anything you have around the house that you no longer want. Here are some suggestions as to what to sell:

  • Old Books
  • CD, DVDs, or game discs
  • Older game consoles
  • Any collectible such as cards, stamps, coins, and so on
  • Electronics you no longer want
  • Dishes, kitchen appliances, or glassware
  • Unique items

The list of things you can sell is pretty endless, you just have to have something that someone else wants. Facebook auctions make selling in your local area easy, and there's no worry about shipping fees or other charges. To get paid the person just needs to show up at the door, hand over the money and get the goods.

Better Than eBay

When you sell on ebay it's true thtat you can have more people buying than a regular local auction but you also have to pay fees incluidng PayPal and auction fees. You also have to ship items and the high cost of shipping means you often can't list items for a decent profit. Sometimes you make mere pennies on sales becasue of all the fees and in my opinion thta isn't worth it. To ship one book from here on the West Coast across Canada costs 10 dollars and more. Who's going to pay that? I can sell locally and keep all the profits while having low prices. Local auction via Facebook make sense and I urge you to try them if you want to sell items. You'll keep all the profits and there's no fees.