How to Make Money With MicroClerks

Sitting at home doing nothing? Need some extra cash to get you through the month? Well there is an answer for you and it will not cost you anything. MicroClerks is available to anyone around the world. Whether you need to make a little money or a lot, This website is the place for you. You can work as little as you want or plunge into doing micro tasks every minute of the day. It is up to you how much you work and finish.

What is MicroClerks?
MicroClerks is a new platform that connects employers with employees. Employers are allowed to rate the employees on work performance, this allows the employees to receive less or more work depending on their feedback rating. It is a great format to reach thousand of employers all over the world. These employers are looking for people like you to answer small surveys or give them product reviews.

Hows it Works
You register for free to create an account. Once you confirm your registration, you choose which jobs you want to complete and earn money. When your account reaches $9.00, you can ask to withdraw all your earnings. Your money is mailed to you in a check, so you will need to use your real name and address. The company will process your request within 30 days from the date of your request.

What are Micro Tasks
Micro tasks are small jobs that employers will post for you to do. Many of them will be simple things such as surveys, feedback or just posting to emails. You can even give feedback on popular products you use everyday. Most of the tasks will only take you a few minutes to do. The tasks change each day, so you can do new ones all the time. You can do as many as you want, there is no limit to how many micro tasks you do.

Will This Work for Me?
This innovative idea can work for anyone who wants to earn a little side money at home. Many of the tasks only take a few minutes, which will allow you to get a bunch done in a short amount of time. The best benefit is that you do not have to do it all day, you choose when you want to work. No time clock to stamp and no boss to report to. Just remember this is not a get rich quick idea, you may need to work at this to get your momentum going to earn the big bucks.

MicroClerks is a great way for anyone wanting to earn some extra money at home. You can choose how many micro tasks you do each day and it is all for free. You will not have to pay them to use their services. Their referral program can help you spread the word around to everyone you know. Then they can start earning money too.

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