Are you wondering if you can make money with no money? Are you wondering if you should buy the latest greatest how to make money from home e-book? The truth is that you can spend money on these systems, but they will not make you money until you have learned one thing about business. The real money is made with hard work, creativity and the ability to fill someone else's needs immediately if not sooner.

Which of those factors do you think is the most important? How about the immediacy of someone's need? People are willing to pay you to get things done for them now, if not sooner. They have a problem they need solved now and they are plenty of people willing to pay for the solution if you are willing to provide the answers to their problems.

What does this mean when you are considering starting a business or earning money on the side? Go with service industries. Service, doing the jobs nobody else wants to do like washing windows; gardening and yard work, pet care, grocery shopping, errands, cleaning houses and the like will get you customers in a hurry.

What do you need to know about these jobs? They are grunt work, but the work is steady and plentiful. You need little more than yourself and a few basic tools to get started and you will get customers as easily as word of mouth advertising and placing a few free local classified ads online. If you are willing to do a little work, you will have all the work you can handle and then some once you get a good reputation.

Service businesses are the best kinds of businesses to start. There is always a need, always someone willing to pay the rest of world to do what they do not wish to do themselves. The start up costs are nothing and it really is good to be your own boss.

I have a large group of work at home friend that I interact with and they all tell me the same thing. If you are willing to do what nobody else wants to do you are golden. If you insist on trying the same old ways of making money from home, then forget it, you will simply beat your head against the wall forever while your pockets get emptier and emptier.

If you want the perfect low cost business to start from home, go with the tried and true answer to the question how to make money from home with no money, service. You will not go wrong with the selection of a service based business.