USFreeAds is a site where you can sell anything from a kitty to a rare stamp collection. Because USFreeAds is so popular one of the best things to sell on USFreeAds are affiliate products. If you select a quality product and market it right, your USFreeAds ad will appear in the search engines for months generating sales for years to come. Here are step by step directions on how to make money with USFreeAds.

Things You Will Need

USFreeAds Account

Step 1

Sign up for an account with USFreeAds. USFreeAds offers 3 types of accounts. Free, Gold and Premium. Each account offers different options. With the Free account you can run 2 ads at a time. With the Gold account you can ad one photo and run 25 ads. With the Premium account you can add a Paypal button, you get priority ad placement, automatic renewal and more. You can also add links to your products much easier than with the Free and Gold accounts.

Step 2

Select a product you want to sell from an affiliate marketing network such as Clickbank.
Copy the link with your code in it.

Step 3

Go to Google and type in keyword phrases that relate to the product you are selling. Put the phrase in quotes. Look for keyword phrases that have under 5,000 results in quotes. Go to Google's Adword Tool and type in the keyword phrase and make sure it has at least 1,000 + searches per month.

Step 4

Post ads on Use your keyword phrases in the title and use them in the body of the article. Post as many ads as you are allowed with your account type. Put your affiliate link in the article.

Step 5

Continue to post ads for different products on a daily basis. Though some people will see the ads on USFreeAds, most people will see the ad when it is indexed by Google. This may take a few days or a few weeks. The key to making money with USFreeAds is to get your articles indexed by Google in a high position. This can generate traffic to your sites for months and even years. Sign up for an account with US Free Ads.
Be persistent. The more ads you place the greater your chances of being indexed highly by Google and the more money you will make with USFreeAds. Remember to pick keywords with low competition. Click here to start making money with USFreeAds.

Tips & Warnings