How to Make Money with a Blog

One of the largest sensations of the past few years has been the rise of blogging including blogs as a source of income. Many people hear stories about famous bloggers making the big bucks and want to know how to make money with a blog, how to get started blogging, and, basically, if they too can make money with a blog.

I want to talk about how bloggers make money and take a moment to discuss some of the options that are available to bloggers as well as provide a few tips for those who are interested in getting involved with such a business.

Can you make a living blogging?

Most bloggers dream of being able to quit their day jobs and rely entirely on their blogs to pay their bills. Some even have dreams of becoming rich and famous bloggers, the kind of which are profiled on the internet and serve as the inspiration to thousands. Unfortunately, and this can be some rough news for the beginner, most bloggers do not make a lot of money blogging. There are a number of reasons for this, but in essence, the most basic reason that bloggers aren't making a lot of money is that blogging is not really a super commercial activity.

For instance, do you have a lot of blogs that you enjoy reading? You probably do. What do you do when you visit your favorite blogs? Chances are that you read the articles, maybe leave a comment or two, and then go about your day. If you think you are making your favorite rich by doing this, you are in for a surprise. Nobody makes money when a person reads a blog. Reading is not a commercial activity. The only way that the blogger will make any money when that happens is if they are showing advertisements that pay by the impression. These type of ads typically pay only a few bucks ($1 - $3) per thousand impressions. Therefore, the blogger has to have a lot of readers (thousands) before they start to make any real money.

For this reason, it can be difficult for beginning bloggers to really get any traction and many quit early in the process. However, their are a few secrets about how to make money from a blog that I would like to share with you.

How you can make money from a blog

The first thing that you have to realize is that you will make more money if you are audience is more proactive than simply reading your articles. If you operate a blog about a topic, let's say how to get a savings account with a good interest rate and then recommend a particular online bank to your readers then you can potentially make a good deal more money. For instance, in this example, there are online banks that will pay affiliates (people that refer customers to them) a commission for new customers. So, if, on your blog, you recommend a good service that people then sign up for you can make a good bit more money.

The key is that you will make more money if your audience takes action because, as I said, reading is not really a commercial activity. Once you begin to research this you will see that there are literally thousands of reputable companies that will pay you commissions for referring customers to them. This is known as affiliate marketing and many blogs partake in this kind of money making arrangement.

The Secret to Making Money From A Blog

Without a doubt, there is one thing that all money making blogs have in common. They all get traffic. If you have a wonderful blog -- it is pretty and has lots of great content -- and it doesn't get any traffic then you will not make any money. If you operate only one blog and hope to make a living from it, then you are probably going to need a great deal of traffic. How do you get traffic?

The best way for a blog to get the kind of traffic that will make the operator money, is to attract visitors by ranking high in the search engines for popular search terms. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone who hopes to make money from their blog, develop an understanding of search engine optimization or SEO. There is a great deal of information on SEO on the internet that a person can find and consume without having to pay anything. Therefore, it is recommended that you take at least a few weeks reading as much on this topic as you can possibly read.

The good news it that SEO is not particularly complicated or esoteric. The search engines rank pages based on really just a couple of elements. The first thing the search engines will look at is the content on your page in order to decide if your content is relevant to what the searcher is looking for. The second thing that the search engine will look at is the link profile of the page. The link profile is simply the total number of incoming links that your page (and overall domain) is receiving from other webpages on the internet. The search engines play a popularity game and use the number of incoming links to determine the value of any particular page. Therefore, a page with a great many links from trusted sites will tend to rank very high in the search engines.

If this sounds a little bit confusing, all you really have to be aware of is the fact that you want keyword rich content on your pages and you want lots of other sites to link to your content. This will indicate to the search engines that your content is relevant, trustworthy and authoritative. And you will get traffic from the search engines.

I do want to stress that this is an oversimplification of the process and that there are a number of factors involved. However, as I said before, the basics of search engine optimization can be grasped in a short time and, with practice, anyone can learn how to get more visitors to their blog.

The other piece of information that I want to share is that there is no rule that says you have to make money from only one blog. In fact, the vast, vast majority of people who make their living blogging operate many separate blogs. I would recommend that you do this as well, especially if you are planning to rely solely on advertising to generate your revenue.

The last word of wisdom that I want to share is that learning how to make money from a blog is not the kind of the thing that takes any special technical knowledge or understanding. It is possible to learn how to setup a wordpress blog, get a hosting account, and put some articles up in only a few hours. In fact, once you are familiar with the process you will be able to setup many blogs in a single day if you so choose.

How much does it cost to make money from a blog?

Let's say that you want to make a full time income blogging and that you have limited funds. In this situation, I believe that you could get started with less than $100 upfront and less than $10 a month. Most of the best hosting services offer plans that allow you to host multiple blogs for less than $10 a month and you can buy domain names for less than $10 each as well. Therefore, let's say that you had three ideas for blogs. You could register the domains and get the blogs up and running for less than $50 out of pocket.

You only need to be willing to get started. As I have said, you can find the information about every step of the process online for free. You do not need to buy anyone's product to learn how to get started. Your first attempt at making money may not be successful but you will learn a tremendous amount, so much in fact that it is very likely that your second attempt will be a money maker. Therefore, I can only strongly suggest that you get started today. The sooner you take action and get the ball rolling, the sooner you will actually start seeing the money accumulate in your bank account. And then you will be very glad that you took an interest in how to make money with a blog.