Tips on Making New Friends

Whatever the reason for your loneliness, if you follow a few tips on how to make more friends, it shouldn't be long before your social calendar begins to fill up again. Repopulating your life with new friends will make it more enjoyable and rewarding as well as increasing your confidence, which may have suffered during your time alone. Although it may be a daunting prospect to have to make new friends, it's well worth it in the long run.

A very simple first step in making more friends is allowing yourself to be open to opportunities where you might meet some. For instance, do you avoid social occasions organized by the people where you work? If you do, change your attitude and go along to some events. You will also probably meet lots of other people at these social events than just your usual work colleagues. You stand a good chance of meeting people you have something in common with and who you want to become friends with.

You may find that you get on better with your work colleagues than you thought you would when you are all relaxed in a social setting. Besides, socializing with people from work is always a positive thing to do. You will be more relaxed with them in the workplace and probably stand a better chance of getting ahead than if you appear stand-offish.

Keep up your individual interests while looking for new friends. It's all too easy to end up sat in front of the television every night, rather than to motivate yourself to do other things. By pursuing your usual interests, however, you will be a more interesting person and more likely to make more friends when you do meet new people.

Joining clubs with other people who like the same things as you is a great way to make friends too. Local salsa dancing classes, reading groups or language lessons, for example, are all good places to meet others who you already share at least one interest in common with. 

If you don't have a lot of time to make new friends, you can always consult classified ads to meet others looking for company. You may find ads in your local newspaper, or online, placed by others looking for new friends locally. You could even place an ad yourself. If you are going to meet someone that you've never met before, however, arrange the meeting in a public place and tell someone where you are going to ensure your safety.

You could also use the Internet to chase up old friends you have lost touch with, or get in touch with people you've met recently that you haven't got contact details for. Social networking groups can be handy for getting in touch with old friends.

Don't feel that you are the only person who wants to make new friends. People often find themselves in the position of wanting to make more friends. Sometimes they may never have had a large social network in the first place, so when one or two friends disappear they are left alone. Often a move to a new city finds people lonely for new friends. Sometimes people find themselves left behind in an old city when all their long-term friends suddenly move away to college, or for work reasons. Other people are left lonely after a relationship split, or after the pressures of a new baby has isolated them from their old friends.

When you do meet new people that you want to be friends with, don't be shy to ask for their contact details so that you can call them up and arrange to meet again. It can be a bit embarrassing if you are shy, but after you've talked to them for a while and established that you get on well, chances are they will give them to you willingly. You can't assume that you will bump into them again and it's not always easy to find others that you bond. So, if you want to make new friends it's important to raise the confidence to ask for the phone number of people you want to be friends with if you can.

Following advice on how to make more friends might be easy enough if you are naturally confident. However, if you are shy, it can be harder to motivate yourself to enter new social situations. You can improve your social skills, however. Read up on conversational skills, active listening and how to use body language to begin with. Then practice the techniques as much as you can. You should become more confident as your social skills improve and you are more warmly received. It usually takes time to find friends, however, especially if you need to build up your confidence. Perseverance is the key. Over time you will start making friends and, chances are, they will introduce you to their friends. Then your social circle will quickly start to expand.







Maintaining Good Eye Contact and Smiling During Conversation are Good Body Language Techniques