The complete guide to making more money.

Times have changed.  This is no longer the world your parents grew up in where you went to school, got a job (in a booming economy), worked 30 years and retired with some amazing pension.

The internet is changing the world and the way money is made.  Knowledge among your peers has increased creating more competition for young professionals entering the work force.  And it doesn't help that our economy is moving at a somewhat sluggish pace.

So what can you do to make more money?


You absolutely must diversify your income.  Unless you are extremely lucky or have a very unique set of skills, it is highly unlikely that your current income is 1) enough and 2) secure.

Here are your options...

Investing.  This is the most common form of diversification.  Lots of us currently invest in ways that increase our bottom line each year.  An example would be stocks that offer dividends quarterly or annually. 

High Yield Bank Accounts.  This is technically a form of investing, but to me it's entirely different.  I remember growing up my parents bought me savings bonds and certificates of deposit that made any where from 4%-7% interest.  Unfortunately you're not going to find that these days.  But, you can check out banks like Florida Central Credit Union that offer interest rates of 4.51% on balances up to $15,000.  These are rare, but they are there!  Also, the rise of online banking from the likes of ING and Ally also provide savings accounts which return over 1% annually.

Blogging.  If you're not blogging you need to be, if only for the experience of learning a little bit more about the internet.  You can create your own product (i.e. an eBook) or offer services through your blog for additional income.

Niche Websites.  From everything I'm reading there is a small boom on the internet related to creating websites about very specific topics (i.e. iPhone cases) that make good money with Google Adsense and other affiliate programs.  I recommend checking out

Authority Websites.  Are you an expert in a field?  It could be anything from raising bees to building bridges.  Get out there and build a site dedicated to your field of expertise.  There are all sorts of ways to monetize the site with things like selling ads, selling products from Amazon, creating a membership site, and so on. 

Credit Card.  This one probably caught your attention.  If you use a credit card and aren't signed up for cash back rewards, then you're missing out.  I make near $50 a month just by making all my purchases on a credit card.  Though I don't recommend this to people who are in debt.

Online Surveys.  I have a few friends who just recently began doing online surveys.  You can usually make a quick $20 just by signing up a different sites and creating a profile.  But after that the money is tight.  Usually less than a $1 per survey.

Mystery Shopping.  I don't know much about this yet.  But I do know that you can essentially sign up to shop for reputable companies and make product reviews.  I hear it is somewhat tough to break into, but if you are consistent you can end up with some pretty nice rewards.  From what I understand the rewards aren't necessarily money, but products, such as bath robes, or weekend vacations, etc.

Freelancing.  Check out sites like and take a look at their job board.  You can get paid $7-$10 per article to write for different types of blogs.  You could also look into fiverr and elance as well.  This is becoming extremely popular.

Flipping Websites.  It's almost like flipping a house, but a heck of a lot easier...if you know the market.  Check out for more info.

Part-time or Side Job.  This is the obvious one.  You can do anything from babysitting, walking dogs, or delivering pizza.  I even found a part time job assembling bicycles for Toys 'R Us.

Creating iPhone Apps.  I saved the best for last.  This may be the single largest market growth I've ever seen.  The market nearly tripled in 2011 and is projected to make over $50B (yes, that's billion dollars) by 2014.  If you're interested, you can click here to get started.  And no you don't need to be a programmer to make apps!

Well that's about all I got for you.  I hope you found some new ways on here to make money.  And best of luck to you!