If you learn how to write newsletter it can be used as a way of getting immediate traffic to your website. Let me explain. Most visitors to your website are random browsers who wander round looking for nothing in particular. If they see your site they will eventually leave and you probably gain nothing. if you know how to create a newsletter that is funny and informative you can offer them the opportunity to sign up and receive it, perhaps with a free report as an enticer.

As you list grows you will have a constantly expanding pool of people with whom you an interact and send information too. Now I know it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people to sign up to anything, many have been in the past ripped off by so called "free" this and that, however consider this:
If you get 100 visitors a day and one visitor signs up that's 30 people you can interact with a few times a month. Do that every day and you will have a list at the end of a year of 365 people. So what I hear you say? Well the point is if you concentrate on sending visitors to your site you will quickly start getting a lot more signup's.

Your list as it is, now becomes powerful marketing tool which you can make use of even if your website stopped working or dare I say it?...De indexed. If you do not have a newsletter and a list building slowly, you have noting. Once the visitor leaves your site that is it. They are lost forever.

A continuation of the process is via a website, blog or by messaging your readers ask the what they need information about or want to read about. A constant source of ideas for a blog or newsletter. This type of market research also allows you to provide solutions as opposed to suggestions, people who have issues or problems and are ten offered a remedy are more likely to buy. Why? Because you are offering a solution to a problem they have as opposed to offering something they MAY need. A subtle difference.
The whole issue of email sign ups s something I will be looking at closely in another article suffice to ask how many emails do you actually read from people you don't know personally?

There is a another way of establishing a following and keeping in contact with them on a regular basis. Actually there are several…one developing on from another.