Revenue sharing websites like InfoBarrel hold a lot of earning potential. However, not everyone succeeds on these websites. In fact, just a small percentage of people actually get paid for their articles. The rest don't get anything except a few links. So what differentiates the first group from the second? Actually, their is no science involved here. Some seemingly unimportant things can make all the difference in the world. Just by following some simple rules anyone can start earning a decent amount of money from revenue sharing sites.

Following are some important things that can increase your income exponentially:

Volume is The Key!

It almost goes without saying that the more content you write, the more you will earn. Most people do understand the importance of quantity, however, they often dilute the quality of their content while trying to inflate the number of articles. As a result they fail to develop a loyal readership. This is something that every author must avoid at all costs! Every article that you write should have something of value in it. Otherwise your readers will never feel the urge to come back for more.

You might be thinking that a person can get plenty of organic traffic from search engines even if his or her articles are not very interesting for the readers. This approach is wrong. Search engines keep changing their alogrithms because they want good stuff to be ranked higher. In the short run you might be able to get some visitors but eventually the traffic will fall.

Interlink Your Articles

Interlinking the articles is very important because it evenly distributes link juice among pages. If you write for several websites, then at the end of each article, leave links to similar articles on other sites. This will ensure faster indexing and a higher position on SERPs. Linking also keeps your readers engaged and increses the click through rates.

Build Quality Links

Link building is the most important step for SEO. You can get free links from a number of places including article directories, dofollow blogs and forums etc. Building quality links for individual articles works great but you should also create some links for your profile page. Once your profile page gets a good rank, all your individual articles will automatically start getting more traffic from search engines. Also, while linking, always use the appropriate anchor text.

If you follow the tips provided in this artcle, your earning potential will increase with the passage of time. I hope this article has taught you something useful. If you want to share your own experience as an author then leave a comment below.