Make more money on eHow with friendsCan you really make more money by rating other articles, and leaving comments? This helpful little article will show you how to make more money on eHow by becoming active in the eHow community.

Things You Will Need

eHow account


Step 1

First let me just say there are no proven experiments showing that leaving comments, rating articles, or becoming active in the eHow community will by itself increase earnings. It is the general consensus of the eHow community that earnings are in no way based upon activity on the site.

Step 2

That being said, there are a few strategic ways to make more money on eHow by becoming active in the eHow community. You don't get paid for leaving comments, but in turn others are more likely to look at your articles and comment in return—and you do get paid for those that visit your eHow articles (and click ads).

Step 3

I have written over 300 eHow articles, and have learned a thing or two during my time here on eHow. First, comment on other's eHow articles often. This will help you learn a little bit more about whatever it is you chose to read up on, and make new friends. The eHow community is a very supportive one, and others are more than likely to return the favor.

Step 4

Rating articles is another great way to stay active in the eHow community. When you rate articles it tells other authors they did a good job (or maybe a less than satisfactory job). Rating other articles and leaving a constructive comment will cause others to perhaps see more of what you might have to say (keep in mind more page views leads ot more money).

Step 5

Although it's nice to make more money on eHow by becoming active in the eHow community, don't just 5-star every article and leave a meaningless comment. Authors may briefly appreciate the rating you give them, but soon you will be forgotten as just another reader.


Tips & Warnings

Offering constructive feedback and asking questions will help you build more lasting friendships on eHow and get others interested in your articles. So get out there, and get active in the eHow community!