If your property is full of leaves every year, that you faithfully rake up, you could be throwing away good mulch.  How to make mulch from your leaves?  One great way is to rake the leaves into the gardens that could use some protection from the harsh winter and leave them there.

Too many leaves left on the grass is bad for the grass but fallen leaven in the flower beds is a good thing.  But if you have lots and lots of leaves, then consider getting yourself a mulcher, that will mulch up those leaves and small twigs you may find in your garden come the spring or even in the fall.

By using a mulcher you can take your garden waste, such as clippings and leaves and small twigs and break them down to size to make mulch.  You can rent these at your local rental shop or you can purchase them too.

If you regularly have bag after bag at the end of the driveway for that garden waste pickup, by mulching down these garden leaves you can either use them for your garden beds or you can fill only a few bags in comparison to what you were doing before.

You don’t have to buy the fancy mulch in bags at the garden center you can use what you have at home, such as mulched leaves and twigs, anything organic that will break down.  If you have been cutting limbs off of healthy trees then why let that go to waste?

How to Make Mulch - You can rent wood chippers at rental stores as well, and then you can spread the chips under your trees to keep the moisture in during the hot months and the weeds down.

Using mulch is a great way to keep the weeds down, and to add nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.  Adding a layer of mulch each year is a great way to break down clay type soils and help your garden retain its moisture and to cut back on watering.

If you left a layer of fallen leaves in your flower bed, then you may find they now have decomposed and will dig into the soil, which is good for it.  Now you can add another layer.  If you don’t have any wood to chip or leaves to mulch, you can buy mulch for the gardens but you don’t have to buy the fancy kind, just the basic mulch that looks a bit stringy but does just as good a job. 

Many times you will find it is cheaper to have a truck load delivered to your house rather than buy the bags.how to make mulch

But if you still have lots of leaves laying around after that winter or you never got around to raking them up in the fall, then you can get an electric leaf mulcher  to finish them off and now add to your gardens.

Don’t waste what you have in your yard.  Whether it is from your composter you have been working on all year with your kitchen scraps, or with a layer of leaves all broken down from using a mulcher, you can do your garden a lot of good this year. WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Save on watering costs.  Give your beds a good deep watering in the warmer weather and the mulch will help to retain the moisture.  Make sure and get about 3 or 4 inches of mulch onto the garden.

So, before you head to the garden center to buy bag after bag of mulch, take a look around your own yard and see if it may be work raking up those dried leaves and renting a leaf mulcher machine for the day, and create your own mulch for your garden.  This is how to make mulch and it works just as well as any purchased mulch. Also see How to Get Rid of Weeds.  An easier and less intensive way to garden.