Help growing your nails

How to make their nails grow is the main question for the attractiveness and beauty of some women. Though nails grow differently among different people but there are certain thumb rules that are usually applicable to every person in general. Nails for longer fingers grow faster than short fingers. Summer season is also considered better for the faster growth of any type of fingers.

But to resolve this issue and grow them faster and effectively you can use various methods. Some of the methods are also very effective in dealing many Fingernail Problems. Severally growth of nails is linked to the use of dietary supplements or rubbing garlic or wiggling fingers in air but there is no reality behind these misconceptions as they have no scientific proof. Nails can be made stronger if you take some careful steps.

Use of supplements having Biotin: Though the rate of growth cannot be enhanced through any dietary supplement but weak and brittle fingernails can be strengthened through the supplements containing Biotin to make them look stronger and longer. So you can use this supplement regularly for the longer appearance . The vitamins available in the market for the improvement of skin and hair growth contain Biotin which can be taken for the growth of your nails. Thus Biotin supplements are the possible answer to how to make nails grow faster.

Though you can get ample amount of biotin along with silicon and calcium through these dietary options but according to some of the dermatologists they should be taken under the guidance of medical practitioner or dermatologist as there is not much information available about its side effects. Biotin supplements should not be taken in heavy doses, as a precautionary measure, for speeding up the growth, even though they have been proven effective.
FingernailsCredit: google imagesUse of moisturizers: Some of the moisturizers are also considered as the best solution for the quicker growth and strength. They can also stop the quick breaking along with making them look longer. With the increasing dryness in air during winter season nails start cracking or splitting which make them appear shorter than before. Using a good quality moisturizer not only lubricates your nails but also helps in stopping their splitting and cracking and ultimately help in their growth and longer appearance.

 You should use cream or any other skin moisturizer on your hands and fingernails after washing your hands every time. Wearing mittens and gloves while going out in winter and rubber gloves during your household works can also help in maintaining the moisture of your hands and nails. This method is also used to help someone to Stop Biting Their Nails. It is a scientific fact that your nails are dead tissues once they come out of cuticles which cannot be repaired but they can be maintained well if their moisture is maintained.

Keeping fingers busy: It is believed by some people that busy fingers like the fingers of pianists, typists and people exercising their fingers most of the time experience quicker growth of their finger nails because of the excessive flow of blood to their fingers which help in rapid growth. But there are two views in this regard as some people accept this assumption whereas some take excessive use of fingers for the breakage of nails than their growth.

Garlic massage for nailsCredit: google imagesUse of garlic massage: Some women pay their gratitude to garlic massage for their longer and attractive results. Some of them mix minced garlic with clear polish to use it on their nails whereas some rub raw garlic on  with an assumption of fast growth of their nails. Perhaps garlic can be used as a deterrent for Nail biting as well.

 Mostly they claim success in their efforts as compared to those who had not applied this process. High level of Selenium in garlic bulbs is considered as the main reason to make nails grow, through brittle nails are usually found short of selenium but no clinical experiment had proved this fact so far that the use of garlic on nails may help in their faster growth.