JHow to Make No Sugar Ice CreamCredit: morguefile.comust because you are giving up on sugar doesn’t mean you still can’t have treats.  Want to know how to make no sugar ice cream without using an ice cream maker?  Then check out these two versions.  One has no sweetening but is higher in fat, so it depends on the diet restrictions you have as to which may be a better alternative for you.

The second recipe has no dairy in it what so ever and tastes great too!


What you will need:

¾ cups of water

1 x 10 ounce package of sugar free gelatin (you can get these flavoured too and try experimenting with different flavours for your ice cream as long as they are sugar free)

1-1/4 cups of heavy whipping cream (obviously this is the fatty part! But tastes great in moderation!)

1 – square shaped glass dish or casserole dish with tight fitting lid.


Bring water to the boil in a saucepan or pot on the stove and then add your gelatin. 

Boil until it is all dissolved usually around the minute mark, but keep stirring!

Pour this mixture into your storage dish while still hot

Now add your cream to the hot mixture and stir well until well blended.  Now store in the fridge for about 2 hours with the lid off.

Once you have noticed the dessert has firmed up, then put on the tight fitting lid and place in the freezer for at least an hour before serving.

This non sweetened ice cream tastes great.  If you let it sit for a minute before serving it gets a soft creamy texture.

Obviously this recipe is not low in fat, but does not have any sugar added so should be eaten in moderation.  The flavoured no sugar gelatins can change up the flavour of your ice creams so you can have different varieties. 

Just because you are cutting back on sugar doesn’t mean you can’t have some treats!

Now if you just can’t have sugar or dairy, then you have to check out this next recipe.  It is so simple you wouldn’t believe it was made with just one ingredient!

How to Make a No Sugar Treat? – Use Bananas!How to Make No Sugar Ice Cream(99140)Credit: morguefile.com

What you will need:

Nicely ripened bananas

Additional flavourings such as peanut butter or get creative!


Take ripened bananas.  Nicely ripened not black or anything like that but no green on the peel.

Slice them up into approximately one inch slices.

Place on plate, separated as pieces and cover and place in the freezer

Once frozen solid, add them to your food processor and whip them up just until a firm creamy texture.

It is at this point you could add peanut butter, or a small touch of honey if you can tolerate it, but you can get creative here.

Then scoop into a dish.  It looks just like the real thing!

The trick is to not over process, but this tastes great and is a nice cold treat for summer time.

So, if you can tolerate bananas but no sugar added or dairy then try this simple treat idea and scoop it from the processor using a scoop and enjoy! 

You could also add nuts to the top of this dessert or treat. 

So, if you have been wondering just how to make a no sugar iced treat that still tastes great, then here are two great recipes to try.  Enjoy!

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