Organic dog food is one of the best ways to keep your dog healthy. A food for dogs, of all ages, it contains many vitamins and minerals, and all the healthy goodness that they should naturally have. Made from all natural organic ingredients, this dog food is easy to make, and reasonably cheap.

Things You Will Need

A dog to eat the food.

Step 1

Cooked ground beef

First take a Lb of ground beef. Optionally you can buy off-cut or on sale meat of any kind and chop it very fine. Fry the meat up in a frying pan till it's cooked. Don't worry about perfectly searing it, or making it medium rare, because the dog doesn't care. Put this in a large tub (the container for the food once it's done).

Step 2

Barley, Wheat, Rice

Next, cook up some barley or wheat. These can be left on a stove at low heat for a while. When they are cooked, remove the water and put them in the tub with the meat. Rice is also a wonderful option; cheap and healthy if you get whole grain.

Step 3

Green peas

Next, take some green peas and corn and put them in a microwaveable ceramic pot. Put a little bit of water in, you're steaming them. Cook them on high for a couple minutes until cooked. Once done, drain the water and add a little bit of butter (if your dog is fat, do not add butter). Add them to the large container.

Step 4


Now cut up some carrots into small chunks (the size depends on your dog. Largest should be about 1/2 cm) cook them either in a fry pan, or steaming them in the microwave, or boiling them in a pot. Make sure they are properly cooked (even over cooked) because then they are nice and soft in the dog's mouth and they won't choke. Place these in the container with the rest of the ingredients.

Step 5

Now, if you have some specific food your dog likes, or is in his diet, or special kibbles you give him/her (for dietary reasons or medical reasons) add these to the large container.

Step 6


You can optionally add chicken, or any other meat to the large container (as an addition, or substitute for the ground beef). The best things to use are the liver and other gizzards of chicken or turkey. Giving them to the dog saves you throwing them out.

Step 7

There are many other things you can put in the container (only remember, NO onions, NO Garlic, NO chestnuts. Always check the internet to see if something is unsafe for your dog to eat.)

Step 8

Once you have added everything to the container, add a little bit of water, sugar, and oil (the amount of oil depends on how thick the mixture is). Now shake the container as hard as you can (making sure the lid is firmly on top). Once the mixture is well mixed, decant it into smaller containers (I find used yogurt containers most useful). Place these in your fridge, or freezer, or a cool place such as a garage or cellar.

You dog will love you for this wonderfully healthy treat, full of nutrients and vitamins!

Tips & Warnings