If you're looking to make passive income online, then why not start with online writing for Info Barrel? Info Barrel is an easy way to make money online, for those who are new to learning how to make passive income online. Building blogs and websites are hard, and a lot of work. If you don't know what you're doing, then you could end up finding out that making money online truly is too difficult of a task to achieve. Info Barrel is a revenue sharing website that splits 75% off google adsense to its members. The best part is that you can increase that percentage up to 90% through contests on Info Barrel. Making money on Info Barrel is very straight forward and easy to understand. If you're looking to make a passive income online, then you really couldn't ask for a better online write site than Info Barrel.

Sign Up for Info Barrel

Well first thing, you obviously need to sign up for Info Barrel. It's completely free to sign up. Anyone across the world is eligible to sign up for Info Barrel. After you've signed up, take a look around the site first. Familiarize yourself a little with some of the content, and community members before you start writing. There are rules you must follow on Info Barrel. Before you begin making a passive income, be sure to click on the Info Barrel FAQ, under help at the very bottom of the page. After all of your questions are answered, then scroll down to the bottom on the home page and checkout the Terms of Service. You want to make sure you're following the writing guidelines. They're very simple and easy to follow.

Introduce Yourself to the Info Barrel Team

Go to the Info Barrel forums, and introduce yourself. You can tell a little about yourself, and share your goals and what you want to achieve on Info Barrel with the staff and community. Don't worry, no one bites. It's a very close and friendly community of hardworking writers. If you have any questions, you'll find out that the Info Barrel community is the very best online community. Members never hesitate to answer any questions. Both the community and the Info Barrel staff want to see you do your very best. So make a habit of following the Info Barrel forums. Ask a lot of questions, and you'll find yourself making a lot more money.

How Do I Earn Money on Info Barrel?

After you are signed up you'll need to sign up for google adsense. Once you've signed up for google adsense, and you've been approved, then you can begin making money writing articles on Info Barrel. Once you've copied and pasted your publisher's ID into Info Barrel, you're all set to go. How you do that is very simple. When you're logged onto your adsense account, in the right hand corner under your name, you might notice pub-numbers. Copy that, then log onto Info Barrel. Then all you have to do is click "my account" and paste that number in the google adsense publisher ID under my data. Then you can begin making money on Info Barrel.

Can I make a Living Online Writing for Info Barrel?

Yes. I believe you can make a full living online writing for Info Barrel. Now wait a second, that doesn't mean you should quit your job right this second. Info Barrel isn't a get rich writing site. How much money you make on Info Barrel, well, it really comes down to you. You get what you work for, and you'll have to work hard if you want to make a full living online writing for Info Barrel. You can definitely make a passive income writing online for Info Barrel. It all depends on how bad you really want to make money online. If you want all the money, but no work, then it won't workout for you. Be flexible, learn, and work hard, then you shall see your efforts are worth your wild.

Why Info Barrel Over Other Online Revenue Sites

Transparency. There are no hidden agendas, or algorithms on Info Barrel. Everything is straightforward and easy to digest. The staff on Info Barrel are great people who can be counted on. Why Info Barrel over other revenue sites is simple. They offer something no one else can offer. Higher revenue percentages. I want to be writing for the site that I can make the most money on. That's just me. Making a passive income online is some of the many advantages to writing for Info Barrel.