A DIY Guide to Making Your Own Passover Plague Bags

Create a new family tradition

Making Passover plague bags can liven up your Passover seder. The Jewish holiday of Passover, which commemorates Moses leading the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt, is celebrated for eight days. For the first two nights, Jews gather around the table to retell the Passover story in a meal called a seder. Seder means "order". The story must be retold in order every year.

In the story, there is a section telling how God sent Moses to Pharaoh ten times to "Let my people go". Pharaoh said he would free the Jewish slaves, but then he changed his mind at the last minute. It was only when his son died during the last plague, that Pharaoh permitted Moses to take the Jewish slaves out of Egypt.

How to Make Passover Plague BagsCredit: Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

Traditionally, Jews dip their fingers in wine to represent each plague. To make this section more fun, modern, and kid friendly, you can make "plague bags" for each person at the table.

It does take some effort to make these, but once you do, you will have them every year. And it does not cost a lot of money, like the prepackaged ones that stores sell this time of year. Your children can help you create one for each person coming to the seder, making this job one that involve even the youngest child with the holiday planning.

The size and the type of bag depends on what you put in. If you wish to reuse them, a quart size plastic bag with zipper will do. Crafty people can make them fancier if they so desire.

Here is a list of plagues for your Passover plague bag and what you can use to represent them.

1. Blood You can write the word "Blood" in red, cut it out, and glue it to a craft stick. If you are not concerned about red dye on your tablecloth, you can have people put drops of dye in small bathroom sized cups pre-filled with water. Use a coffee straw to stir to turn the water to blood.

2. Frogs You can buy small jumpy frogs. Craft stores also have little foam cut-outs of animals, including frogs. You can glue these to a craft stick, or you can buy frog stickers and place them on a craft stick.

Credit: Photo from Pixabay

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3. Lice You can buy a bag of bugs for this Passover plague. Or you can get a foam bug and glue it to a popsicle stick or print pictures off the internet, cut and glue those onto popsicle sticks. 

Credit: Photo from Pixabay


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4. Wild Beasts You can use small animals from package sets.


Credit: Photo from Pixabay


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5. Cattle Disease You can use stuffed animal cows to turn upside down. Or you could print a picture of an animated cow, and glue it upside down on a popsicle stick.

6. Skin Disease (Boils) Use a Band-Aid to symbolize this.

7. Hail Use mini-marshmallows, colorful craft pom poms, or small styrofoam balls to toss around.

Credit: Photo from Pixabay

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8. Locusts Plastic bag of bugs or foam insects and glued to a popsicle stick are right for this Passover plague.

9. Darkness Everyone gets a pair of cheap sunglasses. Or you can turn off the lights.


Credit: Photo from Pixabay


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10. Death of the firstborn All firstborn people at the table stand up and "act" like they died.

Passover plague bags will make this traditional meal something everyone looks forward to year after year.