For those with either a masticating or auger juicer, you are probably well aware of the fact that they can make peanut butter. Most juicers make it a point to mention this when advertised. There is a good chance you have never actually tried this out this feature. Fortunately, it is not a complex procedure as many would think.

There are several benefits to this. By making your own, you ensure that your peanut butter made with only peanuts. Store-bought peanut butters use a bunch of other artificial additives and preservatives. Not only that, but most popular brands like to add sugar to make the taste more likeable. Finally, your homemade peanut butter will be the freshest it can possibly be since you are taking it from its original form.

The underlying principle to this is called homogenization, which is a process to mix two substances which do not blend together normally. Milk is the most familiar example of this. Under normal circumstances, the milk fat and water will separate. However, homogenizing the milk will break the fat into smaller globs and the fat will remain suspended in the water. The same thing happens with peanut butter, except in this case, it is the peanut oil and peanut matter that is homogenizing.

To get started, setup your juicer the same way you always do, but use the piece known as the blank - this piece does not have holes to let juice be extracted, instead it keeps the extracted juice and pulp in the same mixture. Once that is done, all you will need are roasted peanuts. If they are unroasted, you will have to put them in oven for a little beforehand.

After that, the process is as simple as dumping the peanuts in your juicer. The first time it is run through might not be creamy though. In that case, you will have to put it through a second time, and possibly a third or fourth time as well. The more times you put it through, the creamier it will be. If that does not work well enough, you can also help the process by adding a little peanut oil of your own.

And that is all that is necessary for some homemade peanut butter with your juicer! Overall, it's a very easy process with your juicer. After you are done, you could also add more whole peanuts in to make crunchy nut butter too!