Although I am sure they will never admit it to your face, I am convinced that it was a dentist who created the irresistible Halloween holiday treat that is known as the Caramel Apple. Just think about it for a second! Add a sugar laden candy topping to an equally sugar laden apple and put it on a stick. It's so devious it could only have been invented by some secret cabal of dentists that knew that it would increase the number of visits to their office that you and your kids are going to have to make by at least one every year.

If we ignore the little known fact that acid from fruit is almost as bad as the refined sugar that coats this sweet-treat, I think the fact that it is stuck on a stick is the ultimate give away that this creation is just a thinly disguised attempt at raising their revenue. Uh Huh! I rest my case.
Carmel Apple
The caramel apple is a portable sugar sensation that's just perfect for Halloween. They are also very easy to make!

You could, of course, avoid all the mess of making your own caramel apples by simply taking a trip to the store and buying them right out of the produce section, but apart from the fact that you will pay through the nose for them, where would the fun be in doing that? Instead, let's make them at home, have some fun with the kids, and save ourselves some money too.

How to Make Caramel Apples
First you need to get some rolls of layered caramel. You will find them in most stores around this time, in the produce section. While you're there, pick up as many red apples as you think you will need (it's probably a good idea to add a couple more than you think you need because you know that you are going to have to try one just to make sure it tastes good, right?) If you want to add some color or some extra flavor you might want to think about picking up some candy sprinkles or some crushed nuts to sprinkle on top. Don't forget the wooden sticks, either.

Once your back in your kitchen, just roll the layers of candy around your apples, add the sticks but leave the nuts and sprinkles until the final stage. Put your apples in an oven proof dish and then put them in your oven, on a high heat but only for a few minutes as the caramel will melt quickly. You should stay close and watch to make sure the candy doesn't melt completely. When you see the candy start to melt just pull the dish out and add your sprinkles or nuts. Let them cool and then, enjoy!

Have a happy Halloween.