Have you ever wanted to make your own signature perfume? Making perfume at home is much easier than you probably think. Best yet, the ingredients are natural, and no one else will have the same scent as you! Just follow the instructions below to start.

Things You Will Need

1/3 cup of good vodka (100 proof), spring water, 20-40 drops of essential oil of your choice, a coffee filter (one made of paper), a glass jar or perfume vial

Step 1

Pour the vodka into a glass container. It is important that you use glass and not plastic. This is because plastic can absorb some of the oils we will be using in the next step, and this can weaken the final scent. Any empty glass jar like a baby food container or peanut butter jar will do fine.

Step 2

Next, select the essential oil or oils you would like to use in your blend. For the best results, you should use pure and natural essential oils, and not just any scented oils.

A few recommended oils for feminine perfumes include rose, lavender, jasmine, geranium, lemon, sandalwood, neroli, patchouli, vanilla, or orange. For more masculine scents, try benzoin, cedarwood, sandalwood, pine, patchouli, vetvier, or myrrh.

Remember that essential oils have their own properties. You might want to consider this when selecting your blend.

Step 3

Once you've made your selection, you are ready to add the oil. Feel free to experiment with blends and strength, but in general you should add between 20 to 40 drops of essential oil to the vodka. Stir gently until the mixture is blended.

Step 4

Cover the container loosely, and store in a cool and dark place for 48 hours.

Step 5

After the 48 hours has elapsed, take the mixture and add 2 tablespoons of spring water. Stir gently until mixed.

Step 6

Cover this again, and leave the mixture for at least another 48 hours, but preferably longer. The ideal time is 4 to 6 weeks. The longer you leave it, the stronger the final scent will ultimately be.

Step 7

Once the perfume has matured, you should strain it through the paper coffee filter. It is now ready for you to use or store.

If the final scent comes out too strong, you can add more spring water. Don't add too much, though, or you will shorten the lasting power of the fragrance. This perfume should last you a very long time, but exposure to light and heat will degrade the scent faster, so store it in a cool and dark place.

Tips & Warnings