Regardless of one's size they want to look sexy, flirty, and fun on the one day a year when a person can become anything they want. Thanks to some new technology, plus size Halloween costumes for women come in more options than ever before. One of the newest trends is contact lenses which turn even the most plain eyes into something really creepy.

Theatrical contacts, as they're sometimes called, take an average costume and turn it into something memorable. Not only are they fun, but they're also comfortable to wear and very affordable.

For those donning the costume of a Twilight vampire or the devil, for instance, red or black will help to set a costume apart, but these are just two of the vampire choices that range anywhere from white to sexy azalea gray. To give a more freakish appearance one may choose to select flames, banshee, or pinhead instead.

Of course vampires and devils or only a small selection of what one may want to become. A sexy temptress can also change her eye color in an instant with sparkling blue or sexy violet.

The point of these unique contacts is to get others to notice one of the most arresting features on the human body, the eyes and there's no better way than with Halloween contacts that scream notice me, I've arrived. And, how could one resist an earth angel with a combined green and black design or the SFX lenses.

Halloween contacts can also enhance a costume that's meant to be fun. Dressing like a nurse and inserting "radiation" contacts which have greenish yellow designs opposing black or as a clown with smiley face lenses will definitely be fun for everyone.

This is the one party of the year where imagination and creativity is allowed to go wild so selecting a costume then enhancing it with the right lenses will surely add gaiety to any party one attends. Plus, they really spook out the little ones who wonder what you really are with those kinds of eyes.

Of course, for those who have worn these lenses before there are many favorites. One of the most unique is the blackout and whiteout lenses where all the white and colors of the eyes are covered by the black or white lens.

People can't help but stare because they have difficulty understanding how one can see with these kinds of eyes. Another on the top favorites list is cat which have only a slit of color in the center just like regular cats do.

Color range from yellow centers to passionate purple kittens. Imagine showing up in a little kitty outfit and actually having the eyes to match.

Since this trend started a couple of years ago many new contacts have been added to expand the range of options. For those going in a Rave style, for instance, contacts that appear to be a normal color turn bright neon under black light.

These come in blue, pink, green, and yellow so can be selected to even match a person's regular eye color. No one will know that lenses are being worn at all until the black light comes on and their eyes begin to glow in the dark.

These lenses even come in prescription form so, for those who where glasses, there's no reason not to be included. For plus size Halloween costumes for women anything goes, but the best way of enhancing any look is by making the eyes the center of attention.

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