Learning how to make popsicles for your dog is a great way to bond with your pet and to let him or her enjoy a cooling treat with you this summer.

These are really easy to make, and depending on your pooches likes and dislikes you can change them up and add different things to these popsicles.

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Quick and Easy Popsicles - Start with the base ingredient which usually is the fluid, such as chicken broth or beef broth or watered down apple juice works too, but the broths work really well.  For the broth, I like the kind already made up in cartons.  You can get the lower sodium versions too.

Recipe 1 - What You Will Need:

Low Sodium Chicken or Beef Broth

Popsicle Molds

Chew Sticks (for the popsicle sticks)


Get yourself some simple chew sticks, such as the rawhide kind or something you prefer or that you know he/she will like and use these for the popsicle stick.

If you are short on time, or are just trying this out for the first time, just take the broth and pour it into popsicle molds, or if you don’t have fancy molds, you can simply use ice cube trays too. (if you want to use the ice cube trays, you don’t even have to include the chewy stick if you don’t want, just freeze them and keep them in baggies in the freezer to give out to poochie)

Once you have filled the popsicle molds with the broth, you can then just pop in a chew stick and then place everything in the freezer.

Once frozen, just take them out of the mold and give to dogs as a special treat.  I would suggest letting them eat these outside or somewhere where things can get a bit wet, but they will like them so much they will lick everything up, and then they have the chew stick to enjoy afterwards.  See, learning how to make popsicles for your dog is easy!

Popsicles You Both Can Share – This recipe takes a bit longer but tastes great, the best part is that both you and doggy can enjoy this special treat.  Pour them into popsicle molds for the humans with a stick and maybe pour them into ice cube trays for your pooch.

Recipe 2 - Add Extras (if they are not a fan of broth)

4 cups plain yogurt

jar of baby food

2 x tablespoons honey

2 x tablespoons of peanut butter

Pour into molds

Take 4 cups of plain yogurt, a jar of fruit baby food (or you can puree up some fruit), 2 tablespoons of honey (you can adjust this to taste) and 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter (dogs love peanut butter, but the natural kind does not have added sugar).

Puree this mixture and then pour into your molds.  Let it freeze overnight, and then take them out of the ice cube tray and keep them in zip lock bags in the freezer.  Get one out for him and let him enjoy a special “good for him” frozen treat along with you on that hot summer day.  You know their tastes, so use them in the treats.  Learning how to make popsicles for your dog is fun and easy.  You will do this all the time now. These popsicles can even help with that stale nasty doggy bad breath!


Recipe 3.  Add Meat to Popsicle Recipes!

Mid Afternoon Snack – This is a “snack type” popsicle that your pooch is going to love.  This may seem a bit gross to you, but dogs love these.

Take some chicken broth, and cooked chicken pieces (you can purchase these in cans or you can cook your own chicken and then cut it into pieces).  Simply mix the chicken piecesHow to Make Popsicles for Your Dog and even some cut up veggies you know your dog will like and mix with the broth. 

Now pour this mixture into larger ice cube trays or that popsicle mold with a chew stick and let your dog have one of these after that nice long walk, or simply a great snack to cool off with.

So, learning how to make popsicles is not hard.  Take their favourite things and basically freeze them.  If you are really short on ingredients, you can take a little treat and freeze it in a water ice cube.  Keep your pooch cool this summer with doggy popsicles.