Have you ever uttered the words, "I wish I had $1 million"? While that may or may not be the case for you, I'm sure if someone asked if you would like $1 million, you would easily say yes. Greed is problem for a lot of people. All they want is more money, but it only causes more and more problems.

You might be thinking right now that you don't necessarily need $1 million but would like to make a little more money, and that is understandable. Just a little more money can help you forge your bills. Just a little more money can get you what you want. We can all use just a little bit more money.

If you are at all familiar with the Internet, you may have stumbled across an advertisement now and then boasting that you can make a ton of money with their website. For example, you can make $500 an hour filling out surveys, you can make $10,000 a week doing offers, or you can make thousand dollars a month per website with these premade websites.

The truth of the matter is that most of these are either scams or just don't fulfill what they claim they can do. They might blame it on her lack of hard work or don't have a reason why it doesn't work at all. Some programs work and others don't. Sometimes it doesn't even need to be a program you need to use in order to make money. Here are some ideas so that you can learn how to make real money on.

Join a Get-Paid-to Site

A get paid to site, which is often referred to as a GTP, is a website where you join us and member, fill out offers and surveys, and get paid a small amount for each. Usually, you can also get paid for referring other people to the program as well.

There are generally two types of offers you will fill out. They usually offer both types. The first is the free offers. With these offers you do not have to pay anything or submit your credit card information anywhere and you can make anywhere from $.10 to a dollar or two. That doesn't sound like much, but the ideas that you do a bunch and they take just a couple minutes to fill out.

The other type is the paid offers. Usually these offers are free trials or signing up for a credit card. You have to put in payment information and often have to pay shipping and handling fees are something like that. Also these often have you stuck in a program if you don't cancel within a certain amount of time. These can be risky, but they pay a lot more.

Honestly, I only ever to the free offers and stay away from the credit card offers just in case. Usually they have quite a few free offers available that you can still make some nice extra cash with them. They often offer a survey a day or two servings a day that you can do and get anywhere from $.50 to a dollar per survey.

There are lots of these types of websites that come and go. I myself have lost $400 that I supposedly earned a website that eventually went bankrupt. After that, I avoid GPT sites that haven't been around for more than a year. There are a couple sites out there that have been around for several years now and consistently pay each month and show no signs of going bankrupt.

The best thing about these types of sites is that, especially if you are doing only free offers, you don't have to pay anything, you can make some extra money although not a ton, and you could possibly make quite a bit more if you use referrals. With referrals, you can usually get a percentage of what they make and if you prefer a lot of people, you can make quite a bit. Some people have made over $1000 a month through referrals.

Write Content and Sell it

Another way to make real money online is to write content and sell it on the web. You can write articles of all sizes and sell them to webmasters or other websites. A lot of website owners are on look out trying to find people to write their content for them. They will pay anywhere from half a penny per word to a couple cents per word. For example, if you write a 500 word article and charge one cent per word, you'll make five dollars for the article.

There are sites such as helium.com or associated content.com where you get paid based on the amount of impressions you get. You can also go to forums and sell your content, I recommend being careful in making sure you only work with people who owe pay. Do some experimenting and sampling with them to see if they'll pay for one article rather than committing to 200 articles and not getting paid. Also, make sure you treat this like a business and deliver content promptly at a good price with great quality, or else he will lose clients and not have much to write for.

Start a Website

Some people also do very well and make real money online with a website. Some even have multiple websites. They'll build a website, add content, and put up ads to get paid. Some also were for products and get paid a commission just as a salesperson would get commission on selling the car at a car dealership.

This is something that isn't going to be as rewarding right off the bat. You might build a website and not see any money for a few months. That is what it is a good idea to set up multiple websites. Some people make thousands and thousands of dollars this way while others go years and years making nothing. You really have to know what you're doing and work really hard. He could always start making a website about a topic that interests you and take on as a hobby, and if it works out great but if it doesn't that's okay too. You have a job hopefully as backup for income.