Money Stack that YOU can make.

Let's be frank with each other: we all could use some extra money. Some may think this is a daunting task. How can I have time to make extra money? Some people may respond: "I am already working a job or two." Another common question is, "How can I make money online, without being scammed or spending a ridiculous amount of time for little gain?" This question is undoubtedly more difficult to answer, as so many websites are sleezy and simply are built around having ignorant users and oftentimes just scamming people out of their time and money.

To say a little about myself, I am a college student; and worked the past 2 years of my life at Wal-Mart making a poor man's salary (as I would describe it). Prior to that, I worked as a contractor and also had a short stint at a dollar store. Around mid-May, I ended up leaving my job for medical reasons; and up until about the beginning of July I was virtually incapable of moving around and getting outside due to my condition. Fortunately, things are slowly passing and I am hoping to regain energy as the new college semester is just around the corner. I have, however, been able to make a little bit of extra money; and feel I have started out on some online money making endeavors which can potentially last a long time and lead to an increase in money, much of which will be passive or requiring little work, over time.

So here is a list of things I find to be important when looking to make money online. Remember, I have become fairly successful in the matter of about 2-3 months; so these are very possible to achieve even within the first couple of months!

1). Fiverr

I consider to be my base of operations, if I may use some military slang. My focus when looking to make money online was simplicity. I do not have the time or energy to put into starting up a blog, and one thing I despise about making money online is having to "pay it forward" in order to do so. What I mean by that is, I do not like spending money I already have (which is very little) in order to potentially make some money online. This is an important thing most people will need to realize, unless their desire is to go broke.

As I have described in THIS article, Fiverr is a great starting point for making relatively easy money online. At this point, in about 2 months of working on Fiverr; I have acquired around $300 dollars, which is not bad for a minimal amount of work. Even more important to note is that 1). Fiverr is not a scam. I have already cashed out and received the funds to my Paypal and 2). The amount of work you will be doing on Fiverr is generally very minimal, and not too time consuming. I spend about 20 minutes a day working on Fiverr orders, and occasionally skip a day or two. Granted, you are not going to get rich using Fiverr; but getting rich is not the point of this article. Those individuals who are very successful online have worked extremely hard. They put in long days not only working on their business model, but also researching how to market their own business and so forth. I am providing simple methods to make EASY money, but not necessarily a lot.

For those of you who are particularly talented, you may find yourself in the "upper echelon" of Fiverr users who are able to make a couple thousand simply by providing great products and services to buyers!

2). InfoBarrel

You are currently on this website, however I feel it is important to point out that money can be made on InfoBarrel in a fairly passive way over time. Assuming you provide quality content, you will begin receiving a lot of views through Google searches (amongst other search engines). These views can translate into clicks on your Adsense advertisements, which equals more money for you without a lot of work. I myself love the idea of making money passively, and I am sure many others will think the same.

In addition to the money that can be made using InfoBarrel, one must also consider how great it is to write and let off some steam. I find writing to be cathartic, so in many ways writing an article (like this one!) allows me to find some strange sense of tranquility. Having the opportunity to calm down, while simultaneously building up my article database (which translates into more potential earnings) is just great by any standard. Very few jobs offer an ability to relax and feel happy while doing the work, so in many sense, working on InfoBarrel is hardly work at all.

3). Amazon Mechanical Turk

I recently found out that Amazon provides a service which allows users to make a little bit of extra money doing miscellenous odd jobs on the internet. I have been using this website for about a week and have raked in a wopping $11.25. Fortunately, I am not spending a lot of time on there; and I primarily join scientific research studies which are often simple enough and "high" paying by Mechanical Turk standards.

I personally find this website to be a useful challenge if you are looking to by something in particular. For example, say you are interesting in buying a 20 dollar video game. Since the ability to make money on their is pretty much immediate (I made $5 dollars in my first hour), focusing your energy and doing work on here for the goal of reaching 20 dollars to buy a video game seems like a great way to utilize this tool. You will not become rich by doing this, however some extra money is always great; especially when all you have to do is click through a few pages, take a survey, or write some small articles. I would advise checking out the site for more details!