Learning how to make resin jewelry will allow you to make inexpensive gifts for your family and friends. Resin jewelry is made from resin that creates a translucent almost glass like appearance of jewelry. Making resin jewelry can turn into an exciting pastime as well.

If you want to learn how to make resin jewelry, here's a fast and easy way to make these beautiful gifts for your friends and family, below is a compiled step by step procedural guide to lead you through the process.

Things You Will Need

Resin Mixture
Mixing Container
Rice or Sand
Matches or Lighter

Step 1

The materials - Before you can physically start working on the stunning jewelry you need to know what materials you are going to need to purchase. You will need a mold, resin mixture, scissors, and a container for mixing your materials together in, items to use in collages, rice or granulated sand, and a lighter or matches.

Step 2

Prepare the resin - After your materials are gathered, and you have decided what shape you want to make the jewelry. You can utilize anything from bottle caps, to old jewelry that you want to give a stunning appearance. You must now mix the resin until it becomes cloudy in color. Try to get out all the air bubbles possible. These bubbles will show up in your jewelry which could cause the jewelry not to turn out the way you intended.

Step 3

The Drying process - After you have missed the resin to its cloudy shade, and ensured that all air bubbles were taken out of the mix, you now have to dry the jewelry for 3 days. Do not anticipate that it is drying at a faster rate, because if you are to touch the resin while it is still wet, you increase the chances of your finger carrying away some of the resin which will eliminates the way you wanted the jewelry to appear.

Step 4

Remove From the mold - Once the mold is dry, you may now remove your jewelry from the mold. If there are any hard surfaces on the outside of the jewelry that you did not intend to be there, you can scrape the surfaces off with a knife.

Step 5

Grab the yarn - If you are making a necklace, you will want to take the pieces that you dropped into the mold and string them for a beautiful pearl appearance. If you're making earrings out the beautiful mold that you emerged, you want to make sure you have a clamp or something to add to the mold so it can be worn as intended.

Step 6

Enjoy - After you have threaded up your jewelry or added the other additions to make it the piece you have been anticipating, the only thing left is to show it off. Show your family and friends your new creation, or possibly give it away as a great gift to someone you love, learning how to make resin jewelry has never been more fun.

Making resin jewelry is a simple process, but the wait can sometimes get to people. During the wait, try choosing what you want to do with the mold once it's done. You can always add colors to the mold as well, if you don't want the resin to remain white, you can buy some paints, and paint the jewelry the color that you desire.

What better way to make jewelry your own, then spicing it up a little bit to fit your individual style. Not only will you be left with jewelry that is great to show off, but you will be proud and excited about how inexpensive and beautiful the jewelry is. This jewelry is far more precious than any store bought jewelry that you can purchase anywhere. The fact that you learned how to make resin jewelry will add extra sparkle to your creations, as you will be so proud that you actually managed to make the pieces.

Tips & Warnings