rock candy

Making rock candy is a fun activity-a cross between a recipe and a science experiment. Your kids will love making rock candy, (or maybe you just want something to munch on). Whatever your reason, this fun little treat is simple to make.

The first thing you need to do is to cook the rock candy solution. Grab about 2 cups of sugar, and 1 cup of water (just maintain that ratio). Begin boiling the water, and add about 1/2 of a cup of sugar at a time. The sugar will slowly dissolve, and will take longer to dissolve each time. You can add flavoring or food coloring into the mixture too, to make different colors of rock candy.

After you have made your rock candy sugar solution, you will need to locate a jar or something else to hold the rock candy solution. When the solution has had enough time to cool down, you are ready to pour the solution into the jar.

Now find a small string or wooden skewer. This is what the rock candy will stick to. It can be just about anything you like, but string and wooden sticks seem to work best for eating rock candy. Wet the skewer and roll it around in a little bit of sugar. This serves as a base foundation that helps the extra layers of sugar stick on better.

Place your skewer or string into the jar (try to keep it from touching the bottom if possible). And place the rock candy jar in a nice cool place to settle. You should be able to see some rock candy crystals forming after a few hours. If everything seems to be going well, let your rock candy grow a few days until it's the right size for your mouth!