If you have valuables at home, or extra cash then having secret safes may be the way to go to keep your things safe.

There are many secret safes and diversion safes on the market now. Everything from fake clocks to books, but you can make your own. The best way to hide small valuables and cash is to hide it under their noses. Another words in plain view.

Many intruders will overlook these areas and go for the most likely spots such as dressers, jewelry boxes etc. Although you can't prevent them from walking off with something in your home, you can at least protect your cash and smaller valuables, that insurance may not replace.

Making your own secret safes or diversions safes is easy, you just need a few supplies and an hour or so, and you will have it done. Try to think of a not so obvious container to use for your secret safe, such as a powdered cleanser can. These work really well, especially a used one that is now empty. The holes tend to look a bit rusty and no one would normally suspect one of these containers.

Try to stay away from obvious cans such as coffee tins, as many people will put things in large coffee tins or cookie jars, and they may be checked out, especially in the garage or shop or shed, so go for something less obvious and your chances of keeping your valuables safe is higher.

Here is what you will need for a cleanser can safe

One empty cleanser can (don't clean the top off, the more used it looks actually the better)

sharp knife

jar that will fit inside your cleanser can with a good fitting screw top lid (this jar will be where you will stash your cash)

glue gun

shredded paper or paper towels, to stuff in the can so that your jar sits at the edge of your can, this will all depend on how tall your jar is.


You will be working with the bottom of the can. So turn over the can on some newspaper (be prepared for residual cleanser powder coming out), you will notice that the top of the cleanser can and bottom are metal and the container itself is cardboard. You will take your sharp knife and carefully cut off the bottom piece of metal right at the meeting of the metal and the cardboard, so as to not have an obvious cutting seam (the top piece is the ones with the holes in it for sprinkling cleanser).

Once you have cut off the bottom piece, you will now wipe the container out with a damp cloth and them make sure it is good and dry. Don't run water in there or the can will not look authentic afterwards, and the container will fall apart. Just wipe it out the best you can.

Now take the lid of your jar and glue it with the glue gun to the center of the piece of metal. Now take your shredded paper or paper towels and fill the container so that your jar will sit inside and the top of the jar is pretty well level with the cardboard edge (from where you cut off the end). Now you can put your cash and valuables in this jar, and now taking your metal piece that has the lid glued on it, screw this onto the jar tightly. Now turn the container back upright, and there you are, your own secret safe. So, remember your safe is actually upside down in this cleanser. All anyone else is going to see is the top of the cleanser with the holes and looking used.

You can keep this under your kitchen sink or bathroom sink with other cleansers, and no one will no its there, unless you let your friends clean, then they might notice!. But the idea is to keep these items with other similar items.

If you took these secret safes, and now put them under your bed for example, it would be pretty obvious to an intruder that there is something special about this container. So, hiding it in plain view is the way to go with these secret safes or diversions safes as they are called.

That can be hard to do sometimes, because the natural inclination is to hide it right? But it is the hidden items that intruders are looking for, so if you hide your secret safes under your bed, they are going to grab them and go.

If you don't want to make your own, you can check on sites such as Amazon and Ebay or surf the net for diversion safes and secret safes that you can purchase.


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some more great ideas on keeping your things safe.

But making your own, doesn't take long, and you can get creative with most containers. Try and stay away from anything to do with your computer for hiding things, as most intruders go for the electronics. You can purchase diversion safes that look like surge power bars, but the problem with that is, when they grab your electronics, chances are they are going to grab it too.

Personally books and kitchen and cleaning supplies are the way to go. But now that you have made your very own secret safe, and you want more of them, just consider any container before you pitch it into recycling, and see if it could be made into secret safes or diversions safes easily.

Sometimes it can be good to have some extra cash at home for unexpected expenses. I know my mother always did, but she used to keep it in an obvious can, so I talked her into a diversion safe can and at least it is not so obvious anymore. You can turn almost any container into secret safes, and you are not restricted to kitchen supplies or book, you can use empty deodorant containers for example. You are now armed with your tools and your glue gun, so take a look around and start creating your secret safes, just remember where they are!

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