Narrow feet are much smaller than the average, which can lead to fit problems with regular sized shoes. It can be very expensive to purchase shoes designed for narrow feet, but fortunately, it is possible to modify nearly any shoe to fit a narrow foot.

Wide shoes can be easily made narrower with a few simple changes.Credit:

Use an Insole

A cushioned insole takes up some of the excess room inside a shoe. Purchase the thickest insole you can find that is designed for your foot shape. Purchase the full-length insole, rather than the insoles that just go over the heel of the shoe. Place the insoles inside the shoes that are too wide for your feet. Not only will this make the shoes fit more snuggly, but you will also feel more comfortable wearing the shoes. Insoles also act as a stabilizer for your foot, keeping it in place so that it does not slide or roll around inside your shoe.

Try a New Lacing Method


The way that you lace your shoes can change the way that a shoe fits over your foot. This narrowing method will only work for shoes that have laces, but it is surprisingly effective at narrowing a pair of shoes.


Remove the laces from the shoe. Place both ends of the laces down through the holes on the bottom of the shoe, just as you would for normal lacing. Take the left string and place it through the third hole on the right side. Take the right string and push it up through the second hole on the right side.


Take the right string and bring it opposite to the second hole on the left side. Bring the right string back to the right side and thread it through the fourth hole. Cross over to the fourth hole on the left side. Continue to use this method until you reach the top of the shoe. Complete the same lacing procedure for the left string. After stringing it through the third right hole, bring it over to the third left hole. String the lace through the right fifth hole, then the left fifth hole.

Try Adding Bulk


If all else fails, try wearing thick socks with the shoes. This will make your foot wider, which will make the shoes fit better. You can also make shoes narrower by placing sole cushions along the sides of the shoes. This works well with dress shoes or other shoes that you would not typically wear socks with. You can purchase sole cushions at most shoe stores. Some stores sell circular cushions that work well around the ball of the foot. The cushions designed for the back of the heel will help a wide shoe back fit around a narrower heel.