Silk Wedding Boutonnieres

In today's economy, weddings aren't getting any cheaper. If you're trying to cut your cost for your wedding, one sure way of doing that is to make all your groom's boutonnieres. This may take an evening but is well worth the time and savings. It's a good idea to recruit all your bridesmaids on this project and it will be much quicker.


Things You Will Need

Silk Flower and leaves, Florist wire, florist tape, wire cutters, Hair clip, meta jewelry pins

Boutonniere supplies


Step 1

Gather all your materials together and spread them out on a table. Decide on which type a flower will go with your wedding. The types of silk flowers that work well are carnations, calla lilies, and roses. White or off white are the primary colors used for boutonnieres depending on the color scheme the bridal party is wearing.

Step 2

Choose your silk greenery and small filler flowers to accent the main flower. Some of the best kinds to choose are baby's breathe, ferns, or Gypsophia. You can also use the silk leaves from the roses as accent for the boutonnieres.

Step 3

Cut all your silk flowers and greenery so the stems are about 2 - 2 1/4 inches with your wire cutters. Take a chosen flower and arrange the accent greenery and filler flowers in a fashion that will be even on all sides. The best arrangement for boutonnieres is one focus flower, 2 or 3 accent flowers, and two small silk greenery stalks. Clip them together while you're arranging so you won't lose the order in which you have arranged it.

Step 4

Cut a long piece of florist wire with your wire cutters. Wrap the ends of the stems all the way up to where it meets the flower. You should wrap it tight and keep ends as neat as possible at the bottom of the stems. Then put your jewelry pin where you want it on the boutonniere and secure it with the wire. Begin wrapping florist tape around the entire stem, starting at the bottom so the ends are at the top.

Wrap it tight enough to be sure it will lay flat. Once you put together an arrangement that you like, you can use it as a model to duplicate the rest of the boutonnieres.

Take the time to make a good first model and it will save you time later. Making even a large wedding party boutonnieres is not that hard. Don't be afraid to ask for some help from your wedding party.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you secure everything well with the florist wire and tape as you don't want to create embarrassing moments at your wedding.