How to Make Simple Candy BouquetsCredit: Photo courtesy of Payslmaginaire you like to know how to make a simple candy bouquet? The nice thing about a thank you gift basket bouquet with candy or gourmet chocolate gifts inside is that they don't die like flowers, but they don't end up collecting dust either! These festive candy arrangements make a great thank you gift basket for fans of gourmet chocolate gifts. Making simple chocolate gift baskets into chocolate bouquets doesn't require much additional effort but it's a nice way to personalize candy gifts for friends and family. If you'd like to know how to turn chocolate gift baskets into gift bouquets, read on.


Things you'll need:

    * Candy gifts, or gourmet chocolate gifts
    * Decorative box, basket, or flower pot
    * Cardboard
    * Glue dots
    * Weight or rock
    * Cellophane
    * Ribbon

Cut a piece of cardboard to be a little shorter than the height you want the finished candy bouquet to be. This is because the gourmet chocolate gifts you glue on will extend above the cardboard, so the cardboard isn't noticeable in the final look of the thank you gift basket. The base of the cardboard needs to fit in the chocolate gift baskets, but then you can cut it so it fans out at the top to be the width you desire for the candy arrangements. You can use tissue paper or wrapping paper to make the back of your gift bouquets into more attractive candy gifts. Making simple decorative touches like this will make the recipient of your chocolate bouquets appreciate them even more. 

Glue the candies or gourmet chocolate gifts to the cardboard. Use glue dots (available at craft stores) to hold the largest candy bars in place for the thank you gift basket. For making simple and attractive candy arrangements, line the bars up vertically along top of the cardboard so that they extend above it by about 2 inches. Cover the whole front of the cardboard with vertical rows. Then start the second layer of candies about 2 inches lower than the first to give your chocolate bouquets depth. Layer your candies like this until your last layer is just at the bottom of the chocolate gift baskets. You can stick lollipops, sticks of gum, or wrapped hard candies into candy gifts for variation in texture. A Google search for images for "candy bouquet" will give you more ideas about what the finished gift bouquets can look like.

Place the cardboard holding your candy or gourmet chocolate gifts into your chocolate gift baskets, decorative box, or flower pot. This will be the base of your candy bouquet. Place a weight or river rock into the base so that the chocolate bouquets can stand upright. Then cover the bottom of the thank you gift basket with some tissue paper or Easter basket grass. Wrap it in cellophane wrap, and tie your candy arrangements up with a bow. Have fun making simple candy gifts into beautiful gift bouquets. Good luck!