Want to save money on your single serve coffee pods? You aren't alone. These are becoming an extremely popular options for people on the go. The one thing that deters people from buying a pod coffee maker is that cost of having to buy coffee pods not to mention being limited in your choice of flavors. Making your own coffee pods allows you to make your own coffee pods with your favorite coffee such as Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks or even create your own espresso coffee pods and save a ton of money in the process!

Things You Will Need

Finely ground coffee or a Coffee grinder
Coffee pod maker
Coffee pod filters

Step 1

Buy your coffee. Either buy finely ground coffee or coffee beans you can grind yourself. It's important to make sure your beans are finely ground as this is the way to get a bold rich cup of coffee.

Step 2

Buy a Pod-making machine. There are many pod-making machines on the market but in my case I bought the Perfect Pod Maker. I have found it VERY easy to use and my research showed it to be ranked one of the best. While your at it - make sure you purchase your pod paper refills. These are what you will put the coffee in to create your pod.

Step 3

Warm up your machine. Normally the heating element is on the top of the unit so use caution! Insert the pod paper refill into the pod maker and fill it with 8 grams (roughly 3 rounded teaspoons) of coffee. In my research I've found that 8 grams will brew the perfect cup.

Step 4

Close your coffee pod making sure that the lid for your filter doesn't over or under lap the bottom edge - they are made to fit perfectly. Put the lid of your pod making machine down and hold it for a minimum of 6 seconds. Most machines will tell you 2-3 but I've found that 6 is the minimum required to seal the pod shut.

You should now have a coffee pod which should fit any pod coffee maker. And the best part of all is that there is no more wasting coffee! No more coffee pots left to clean out after sitting all day with 2-3 cups wasted. Single serve coffee pods are convenient and FAST.

Tips & Warnings