Making  pizza at home may not be as simple as dialing the local pizzeria, but it's definitely less expensive and usually much tastier.  And, if you have a backyard smoker, all the better! 

You can use that smoker to turn ordinary homemade pizzas into genuine gourmet goodness.Smoked Pizza

Making pizzas at home can be as quick and easy as spreading cheese and Prego Sauce on store-bought crusts, or artsy enough to rival a Food Network feature.  But when you cook your pizzas on a smoker, even the simplest version goes super scrumptious.

My family smokes pizza for dinner 2-3 times a month, year-round.  The kids always like a simple cheese or pepperoni pizza best.  The current adult favorite at my house is a thin-crust spritzed with olive oil  and topped with mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato slices.

When you try your hand at making smoked pizza at home, it may take a time or two to perfect the process.  But, I assure you that unless you char the crust beyond hope, even your trial-runs will taste delicious.  Pretty soon, you'll be inviting friends and neighbors over to wow them with your pizza prowess.

Whether you make dough from scratch, use a frozen dough, or even a pre-cooked dough, your smoked pizzas will be a hit!  Be creative with your toppings and have fun.  Below is my recipe for the perfect thin-crust pizza dough. 

 Smoked Pizza Tips

  •  Use a perforated pizza pan for cooking.   It yields a beautifully crisped crust and lets the smoke flavor really permeate.
  • Use a hot smoker when starting with raw dough.  The hotter, the better.  Cooking time will vary depending on oven temperature, but is usually in the 20-30 minute range.
  • Take a light hand with wet wood additions.  The delicate cheeses most of us use as pizza topping don't need a lot of smoke to become deliciously infused.  If you find you prefer a heavier smoke, you can always adjust the next time.
  • Small slices of thin-crust smoked pizza make an enticing and easy-to-handle party appetizer!

Try cooking some pizzas on a smoker this summer.  It's easy and fun, and your smoked pizzas are likely to become a new family favorite!


DLynn's Thin Crust Pizza Dough Recipe 

 Makes 2 Pizzas (about 14" diameter)

1½ Cups Cake Flour   1 Pkg Active Dry Yeast

1 Cup All-Purpose Flour

  1 Cup Hot Water
¼ Teaspoon Salt   ½ Tablespoon Olive Oil
¼ Teaspoon White Sugar   Cornmeal & Flour for Rolling






(I mix my dough with a KitchenAid Mixer.  If Cake Flour is unavailable, use All-Purpose Flour for all the flour.)


Add hot water and sugar to the mixing bowl.  Sprinkle yeast on top and let sit for 10 minutes.Pizza Dough(53430)

Add olive oil, salt and flour.  Knead for 8 minutes.  Dough will become smooth and elastic.  Add more flour in small increments if dough is too sticky. 

Cover bowl with a clean towel and let dough rest for 30 minutes.  Note:  a 30-minute rest yields a cracker-like crust.  For a slightly thicker crust, let dough rest for an hour.

Divide dough into 2 balls and flatten or roll each into approximately 14" rounds.  Sprinkle with cornmeal and additional flour to prevent sticking.

Place the dough on pizza pans and top as desired.  Pizzas are ready for the smoker!