Chocolate chip cookes are super tasty and many people's favorite cookie. They come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, but the most favorite and famous of all chocolate chip cookies is the standard sized round cookie with a soft, slightly chewy texture. It's probably what you picture anytime you hear the cookie mentioned. Who doesn't like these tasty treats?

Mixing and Baking the Perfect Cookie

Making such a tasty cookie isn't that hard. If you want to make sure you get a soft-textured cookie every time, follow these tips. Most recipes will result in this type of cookie anyway, but just to make sure, use these tips. Chocolate chip cookies aren't foolproof. They can be messed up, but don't let that discourage you.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Once you find a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can start fiddling with it to make a great outcome.


Butter adds to cookies in many ways. It serves several purposes. First, it adds flavor. You can substitute butter-flavored shortening, but it might not be quite as good. Second, it makes the cookies crispy and buttery in texture. Also, it can help keep the cookies soft. However, adding too much butter will make the cookies greasy or too crispy. If you find your cookies come out too flat, consider reducing the amount of butter.

Brown Sugar

The brown sugar makes the cookies chewy. Add too much and they will be too chewy. However, if you like a chewier texture, swap out some of the granulated sugar for brown sugar. It will improve the texture without going overboard.  It also adds lots more flavor, too. Also, make sure you mix the brown sugar in thoroughly and that there are no lumps in the dough.


Mixing a batch of chocolate chip cookies isn't as difficult as say mixing pancake batter or a souffle. However, there are some tricks to make sure they come out nice and soft. When you mix the butter and sugar, make it nice and fluffy. When you add the eggs, mix more sparingly. Mix just until the ingredients are combined because it's easy to go overboard and add too much air. When mixing in the flour, you don't need to be quite so careful because it's harder to overdo it at this stage.


Baking is the final step in making sure the pancakes come out great. Instead of throwing them in and leaving them alone, use the oven light to check on them every couple of minutes. They should be very lightly golden brown across the top to make sure they stay nice and soft.