So you want to learn how to make extra money from home to help pay rent?

Then read on and find out!

Making extra money from home can be a really easy task, though very few people are actually aware of just how successful you can be. While making money from home is certainly (not usually) an overnight event, if you are in need of money and need help paying your rent; then I highly advise taking the initiative and learning about some genius and often simple ways to make some extra money from home. The goal of this article is to teach you how to make some extra money from home by providing you insights into the ways I (as a 21 year old college student) have managed to replace the need for an irritating part-time job with realistic earnings both online and offline. If you're thinking to yourself, "How can I make some extra money from home to help pay the bills?" then I highly advise you keep reading and find out for yourself. It should be pointed out that this is a follow up article to one I previously wrote titled What are Some Places that Help Pay Rent in the United States. My goal is to give you some tools to make money for yourself and get financial assistance from a variety of places and programs if you need them. Combine both of these articles together, and you have a great resource for getting back on your feet!

To make this a little bit easier to navigate, I have color coded the methods of making money based on the difficulty of the task. Be aware, even if a task is more difficult, it may also be more rewarding which is most important.

Blue: Less Difficult
Green: More Difficult

1. Provide an Inexpensive Service or Product Online


Let me get this one out of the way before I get into the real meat of this article. Providing an inexpensive service or product is one of the more obvious ways of making extra money from home. A variety of websites, like, cater to people wanting to sell simple services and products. For example, I have a Fiverr gig in which I write music reviews (for $5 dollars); and my brother also has a Fiverr gig where he sells postcards from Kuwait (where he is stationed in the military). The limits on this suggestion are pretty much endless, and of course not limited to Fiverr either. Dependeing on the service, you may want to open your own blog, advertise on Craigslist, or something else.

2. Make Extra Money Asking and Answering Questions

I recently was introduced to the website, and I was very surprised to find out that you could make extra money from home just by asking and answering questions on the internet. The concept of this website is very similar to the popular YahooAnswers, with the main difference being that you get PAID to ask and answer questions on the website. The earnings can be surprisingly significant dependent on the amount of time you are willing to spend on the site. Within a month I made approximately $50 dollars (paid out to your Google Adsense account). Ideally, you should post around 20 questions and answers on the site a day; which is very little when you think about it. While I don't imagine anyone getting "rich" from this method of making money, it is certainly a great way to make a little bit of extra money that will come in handy when it comes to finding places that help pay rent and other miscellenous bills.

I've written another article titled Why Should You Use WebAnswers to Make Money? that can further assist you with getting to know WebAnswers.

3. Selling on Ebay

Selling your old belongings on Ebay is a classic staple on lists like this, and with good reason. One of the easiest ways to make money is to get rid of the things you have lying around the house, and that you simply do not need anymore. While it may initially seem overwhelming, especially to those who are unfamiliar with computers and how Ebay works; once you read through all the information on selling your products on Ebay; it quite honestly becomes extremely easy to do. While cleaning out your house looking for things to sell, you may also stumble on some great things that might fetch more money then you were expecting. Be sure to go through antiques and old baseball cards, as you might just stumble upon something that really helps pay the bills. Similar to Ebay, selling products on Amazon and Craigslist work in a similar fashion as well.

4. Write Articles and Get Paid

While I myself find writing articles to be a pretty easy task, some people may find it to be a little bit more challenging. Regardless of this fact, it is still a very rewarding way to make money; and it can actually be achieved through a variety of websites and methods. First, you should think about where you want your articles posted. A variety of websites allow you to write content and make money, including InfoBarrel, Factoidz, HubPages, and E-How. Additionally, if you are really series about making money online, you may want to consider opening up a blog or even buying your own domain. A great free blogging website is Blogger, and I highly recommend it.

Most websites do not pay up front for your articles (and if they do, it is generally a very small amount). You make money typically through advertisements (through Adsense and Chitika particularly) and affiliate links. While learning search engine optimization and getting content that gets a lot of views and ad clicks may not be the easiest thing in the world, it can truly change your life if you do it correctly. Top earners on InfoBarrel alone make around $3,000 dollars a month. The best part is this money becomes passive after a while, meaning that after a certain point your articles just keep spitting you money without you doing a thing.

5. Make Money by Using Affiliate Programs

Once you are actively involved in running your own blog or writing articles for article submission sites, incorporating affiliate links becomes very easy and adds to the earning potential of your writing. Affiliate programs, in a simple sense, are when you are paid by a business to promote products on your articles, blogs, etc. Amazon has a notorious affiliate program which I am enrolled in, and you essentially take a commission from every sale you make via your affiliate links. It is an excellent way to make some extra money, and hopefully direct people to great products as well!

6. Get Paid to Browse the Internet

You cannot get an easier job then this! While you are not going to get rich by any means getting paid to browse the internet, it is some great extra money doing something you more then likely do every day: surf the internet. A variety of websites that provide you with this opportunity exist, though one of my personal favorites is SwagBucks. Again, not a lot of money to be made; but if you install the toolbar you will passively make money througout the year as you search.

7. Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog

Assuming you have a blog and it is at least decent, selling advertising space should not be too difficult to do. Advertising in it's simplest form is allocating space on your blog dedicated to a specific company, product, or service. Of course, nothing in life is free; so be sure to make people pay to have their products viewable on your website. The most difficult aspect of selling advertising space is having a good enough website and ability to write, however it comes very easily with time and a quality website. I would typically tag the ability to sell advertising space on your blog along with writing articles, setting up your own blog, and learning how to make money (both actively and passively) in other ways as well.

8. Earn Money for Graphic Design

While this is not for everyone, if you are familiar with graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; you may be able to sell your service to people online. An easy way to do this would be to sell your service on a website like Fiverr, or join a competitive design site like Crowdspring. You may also be able to set up a blog and post ads on websites like Craigslist to get some potential buyers. My girlfriend did this, and has managed to get involved with a very exciting graphic design project that pays well and will be great for her professional portfolio.

9. Get Paid to Review Products

One thing I am well known for here on InfoBarrel is that I review musical albums, primarily of artists who contact me (via my Fiverr gig) and pay me to write reviews. While it may be difficult at first to find these potential buyers, they are most certainly out there and just looking for people to review their products, services, businesses, and so forth. With a little bit of research and some advertising, you may find yourself rolling in a good amount of money just selling reviews. Even better is when you pair these reviews with a blog or article website so that you can get passive income on the reviews as well. I post my content to InfoBarrel, meaning I get the $5 dollar revenue (per order) on Fiverr; and also get passive earnings here as well. It is a win-win!

10. Create and Sell E-Books

If you are able to set aside a little bit of your own time, creating and selling e-books can be a relatively easy and very profitable venture to get into. Not surprisingly, e-books can sell for a very large amount of money, and require little start up money as you do not need to get them published or even print the books. These days, anyone can write a book and get a place for it online. E-books are also relatively easy to create, with the fundamental tools needed being Microsoft Word or a similar word processing device. It is generally recommended to have a website to go along with your e-book (a sales page specifically). Once you build up some steam, answering the question about how to make extra money from home becomes a really simple one; and perhaps it will even be fun to answer if you can involve your spouse or family in on the action!

One reason I highly recommend writing an e-book is because I've seen the profitability first hand from my brother, who sells his e-book InfoBarrel Success, which is devoted to teaching people how to make money here in InfoBarrel!

11. Create and Sell Music Online

Assuming you are musically inclined, creating and selling music online can be very easy to do. Once you have the music produced, there are a variety of websites available that allow you to sell your music. Some of them cost a little bit of money, like selling on Amazon and iTunes; however there are more then enough locations online that can be utilized to sell your music in both digital and physical formats. I personally use Bandcamp to sell my music for it's excellent layout and turnover rate. Plus, a variety of options to set your own prices; and you take pretty much all of the earnings from the music! It is just a great site!

12. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the strangest websites I have used to make money online, but it actually works just like advertised. While the work can be tedious, and often requires doing simple tasks like taking surveys, joining online psychological studies, and the like; you can make a decent amount of extra money on this website. Within a week I made around $15 dollars. While this is not exactly Earth-shattering, it is money that can of a lot of use if you are really strapped for cash and are looking for places to help pay the rent. Best of all, you can cash out your money almost immediately; which makes this a great way to earn some extra income.



This is a pretty detailed list on some ways you can go about making some extra money from home. I hope they will inspire you to learn how to make money for yourself in your spare time like I have, and enable you to get out the rut you may be in if you are having difficulty paying the bills with the money you currently make from your job; and especially if you are unemployed at the moment. Be sure to check out some of my other articles like How to Make Money Using Fiverr and Strange Ways to Make Money Using the Internet.