nfortunately, motorcycle versus car accidents are fairly common, but with Motorcycle Superstore and, you can find the safety equipment you need to be secure on the road. In most cases, when an accident like that occurs, the driver of the car says that he or she was unable to see the motorcycle. Motorcycles and cars sharing the road is a bit tricky, but you should be safe as long as you can be seen by other drivers. Here are some safety tips for motorcycling.

1. Lighting

Having proper lighting on your motorcycle is the best way to ensure that your motorcycle is visible on the road. The stock lighting that comes with your motorcycle is often not strong enough to easily be seen by other drivers. That is why you should consider upgrading the bulbs on your motorcycle to higher wattage bulbs. It is also recommended that motorcyclists drive with their headlight on low beam at all times. Of course, you don't personally need your headlight on during the day, but having it on makes it easy for other drivers to see you. As a matter of fact, many states actually require you to drive with your headlight on 24 hours a day.

2. Clothing

Wearing the proper clothing is not going to make your motorcycle visible on the road, but it will make you visible. If other drivers can see you, then they can see your motorcycle. Wearing a black helmet and a black leather jacket may look cool, but you are making it hard for other drivers to see you, especially at night. To ensure that you are visible to other drivers on the road, always wear brightly colored clothing. Many helmet manufacturers also make reflective helmets that are designed to increase your visibility on the road. Colors that are recommended for motorcyclists include red, orange, yellow, and white. You can even purchase reflective tape and place it on your motorcycle so that other drivers see you when the sun or their headlights bounce off of your motorcycle.

3. Road Position

Knowing how to position yourself on the road can help other drivers see you more easily. As a motorcyclist, one of the worst things you can do is drive in a driver's blind spots. If you have your motorcycle positioned on the side of the car in front of you, then the driver of that car likely can't see you in his or her rear view mirror. To make your motorcycle more visible on the road, you should always position yourself with the right-hand wheels of the vehicle that is in front of you. Doing so allows the driver of the vehicle ahead of you to see your motorcycle in both his or her side mirror and rear view mirror. Of course, you need to ensure that there is enough distance between your motorcycle and the car ahead of you so that the driver of the car ahead of you can see you.