When hosting a formal dinner, or when you want to add a little class to a dinner party at home, make your own table card holders from floral wire to add a personal touch. Folded table cards, while functional, are old hat. By making your own stylish wire table card holders, which you can re-use as many times as you like, your dinner table decoration will stand out and, hopefully, impress your guests.

How to Make Wire Table Card Holders:

To make the table card holders, first cut a 12 inch length of metallic floral wire using wire cutters. Starting at one end of the wire, bend it twice around a thick marker. This double loop forms the top of your table card holder. The name card will sit between the two looped circles which you can squeeze together to hold the card firmly.

Next, bend the wire to form a 90 degree angle below the second wire circle. The floral wire will now point outward from the circles. Needle nose pliers are ideal for this job.

Make another 90 degree angle about 2 1/2 inches down from the double circle. Use a ruler to measure this length so that all the table card holders look the same when they are finished. This 90 degree angle should be on the same plane directionally as the double circle at the top of the card holder.

Now bend the rest of the wire in a spiral to form the base for the holder. Starting a little after the 90 degree angle you just made, bend the wire in a small circle. You can use the marker again to help you get a perfect round curve. Instead of closing the circle, widen it out to a larger one that curves around the small inner circle. Continue spiraling the wire in this manner until the wire ends.

Finally, stand the wire table card holder on a level surface. Push flat any parts of the base that are raised. You should have a table card holder of around 3 inches in height that stands easily by itself. Make as many as you need for your function.


Experiment with differently shaped wire table card holders if you like. If you catch the bug, you could even try selling some at local craft fairs.

Instead of spiraling the wire to make the card holder base, a simple alternative is to use a shorter piece of wire and simply push the bottom of the holder into a tea-light candle.