Indoor terrariums became all the rage back in the 70s with retro looking plastic stands and plastic bubbles or repurposed aquariums.  You saw them everywhere but sadly the trend faded as it became difficult to keep them healthy and looking good and they were quite large. 

But now, these terrariums are better than ever.  They have modern and chic styling to add some life to any room.  I absolutely love the hanging ones which are perfect for smaller spaces.  With the internet and the kits you can purchase that have everything you need to get one set up; this takes the guess work out of them.  Back when I had one in the 70s I was using the wrong types of plants and soils and it was constantly misted up with condensation.  The plants would die off and this floor model was cumbersome.  These really chic and trendy glass vessels look really cool.

Right Soils for the Right Plants

This was the most important lesson.  If you want to use cactus, then use soil designed for cactus for example.  You can get small bags of these different soils and mediums at Michaels, craft stores, and home improvement stores such as Home Depot or online.  You can even get your plants from there too or online.

Make a Terrarium Video

I found this video to be really helpful and hope it inspires you to look around your house for little additional characters or small toys you could add for some color and whimsy.  You can add different stones too from your yard just wash them and make them look their best.  Don’t forget the layer of stones or gravel on the bottom for drainage.  In this video she added some activated charcoal which I thought was a great idea for keeping things fresh.  These are fun to make.

Find a great vessel or glass jar at dollar stores or Michaels crafts stores or online.  Check out the ones below.  

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Tear Shaped Geometric Glass Terrarium

I thought this would be a really cool container to create a garden in.  Not only will your plants and decorative additions look great but the container itself is very artistic, chic and modern.  Would be a great center piece on a coffee table or side table and it is nice to see living art as I call it.

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10 Pack of Assorted Air Plants (Tillandsia)
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(price as of Dec 8, 2016)

Air Plants

These are really cool and you can get them online.  They don’t need any soil and can grow on any surface such as driftwood, rocks, stones and more.  So no worries about getting the right soil, just a bit of water once a week.

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Mkono Glass Vase Plant Terrarium with Metal Stand, 1 Globe
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(price as of Dec 8, 2016)

Glass Vase Hanging Terrarium Stand

If you want something a little different to house your plants or decorative ideas, this would look good on a table or desk.  It is nice to make the entire piece a work of art.  It will definitely be talked about.  I thought this would make a great gift.  You could personalize it to suit whomever you give this to.  You can get everything you need online, and could add a very additional pieces that you think would like.

This is an awesome idea for any plant lover on your list or for yourself.  Greenery is the perfect addition to any room especially in the cooler months.  Create it will airless plants and it only needs watering once a week.  A great way to show off plants in an artistic way and a change from the simply plant pots!

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Terrarium Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to build the base of your garden including glass bowl and soil, gravel and moss.  Complete instructions too.  This is a great gift idea for the gardener who loves to get their hands dirty and would love to build these themselves.  Just add a succulent plant or not, the moss and rocks look awesome just on their own.

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Traditional Green House Style

This terrarium looks like a miniature greenhouse.  It has venting and room to add anything you want.

Many Options to Decorate with Greenery

There are so many options compared to the 70s terrariums!  Pretty glass bowls and glass shapes all add to the artistic look.   You don’t need many plants, sometimes just one does the trick.

But the awesome shapes and smooth river rocks, marbles, stones or whatever you like layered in the bottom will really add to the décor of the room.  There are so many options out there to create awesome looking terrariums.  You can head to the dollar store to get bags of shiny marbles and other little whimsical things to add to it.  This doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Don’t Do Well with Plants?  Make one Without Them!

These still look awesome even without the plants.  You could layer them with different polished stones, gravel, marbles and get sheet moss in bags from the craft stores, and add the green touch so that it looks living.  This way you enjoy it without the worry of killing off plants.  I love this idea too.

Layers of different materials will look really cool against the glass and especially if you use a cute container to show it off in.

Make a Terrarium – Awesome Gift Idea

Get all the supplies, either locally or get the kits online and either give the entire kit as the gift, or create the little fairy gardens yourself for them to enjoy.  They will love the time and effort you put into this piece of art.