Ok, ok, I know this is not the healthiest recipe but all things in moderation.

If you've been eating healthy all week then make this your Sunday morning reward.

I fell into this recipe. I used to be a breakfast cook (not a chef). I must have made 10,000 omelettes but never tried one until this summer. I made this for my daughter and myself from leftovers. We both agreed that this was a winner. Try it and let me know.

Things You Will Need

  • 9 inch non stick fry pan
  • 2 extra large eggs
  • 2 tbls butter
  • salt and pepper
  • half a small tomato - diced
  • cooked turkey or chicken - equal in quantity to the tomato
  • 1/4 cup cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbls sour cream
  • a bowl
  • a long Tyne fork

Step 1

I like to get everything ready ahead of time. Dice your tomato. Chop your turkey or chicken into bite size pieces. Get your tablespoon for you sour cream and measure out your shredded cheddar and cut off 2 tbls of butter from your stick of butter. Now it's time to crack some eggs. I use a big cereal bowl but any bowl big enough to hold 2 big eggs will do. Note: crack the eggs on a flat surface to reduce the chance of getting shells in your mix.

Step 2

Mix the eggs with a long tyne fork until they are all one color. I have yet to find a good use for short tyne forks. Who uses them? I usually mix the eggs for about 30 seconds. I prefer a fork to a whisk. A fork introduces less air into the mixture and makes for a firmer omellete.

Step 3

Heat your pan on high heat and then remove it from the heat and add the butter. Turn your heat down to medium and put the pan back on the heat after about one minute. I do this to melt the butter faster. Medium heat will ensure that the butter doesn't burn. When the butter is completely melted add the eggs.

Step 4

Eggs soaking in butter, I can't even think about it without getting hungry. How can you miss? Use your spatula to keep the edges of the omellete neat. Nobody likes a sloppy omellete. When the edges of the omellete start to set up add the cheese.

Step 5

Be patient and get ready. As soon as the omellete starts to firm up, add the tomato, turkey or chicken and sour cream. Salt and pepper to taste. Use your fork and spatula to fold the omellete in half. It is ok if there is still some lose egg when you fold it over. The omellete will continue to cook.

Step 6

You may want to do the final step over the sink. You can either flip the omellete onto a plate or slide it onto a plate. If you flip it, do it quickly. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot butter.

Step 7

You may want to garnish it with parsley, asparagus or sliced cherry tomatoes. As for me I usually start eating at the sink. Yum! Is that bad?

Once you perfect the omelette you add anything you like to the center. I love to spoon in a little bit of chili , guacamole, and sour cream.

Tips & Warnings