If you're anything like how many humans are, we take many things for granted. From family and friends to simple things such as a warm bed to sleep on every night and a hot meal three times a day. We blindly go on with life with the expectation that somehow tomorrow will be there for us just in the same way that today is for us at this moment. Well, girls and boys, I'm not here to burst your bubble but tomorrow isn't a guarantee - it's a crap shoot just like many other things in life. While there are many things you can do to increase your chances or survival, at the end of the day we all must live in the NOW. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep you focused on the end result.

Don't get caught up with the thought that you have another day. Many of us spend our life putting off the most important things in life on a daily basis only to get the things accomplished that means to us the least. Ask yourself what is really important and organize and plan tasks with that goal in mind. Begin your day prioritizing what is most important to you and create tasks to meet those goals in mind.

Live your life in the "today." When executing your tasks, be confident that when you get those chores done you'll be a step closer to your objective. Surely, if the task is so large that it takes you more than one day then be sure you are appropriately breaking up your tasks into manageable pieces. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

This day may be your last. Let your thought, your mannerisms, and your speech be reflective of your respect and love for life. Take a moment everyday to sincerely express the joy you have experienced with them being a part of your life. Strive to be kind to at least one stranger everyday so as to continue the good fortune that you have been blessed with on this earth.

Be thankful for everyone and everything in your life knowing that you are where you are at because that is where you are supposed to be at this time. Be still for a moment and while you are there, close your eyes, take a deep breath, now exhale, and marvel at the wonderful masterpiece you call your "life."